1. Rowan says

    He tries too hard Darlin’. Just watched an old episode of The Simpsons with an NSYNC parody. Lol. I love good cheese so I’m not hating but Timberlake is as deep as a water paddling pool left out in the sun-nada.

    Cynical, ruthless and REALLY wants it, so he’ll never go away and learn to act or sing, he’ll just bombard us with ‘him’.

  2. MIke says

    Well Jimmy Fallon loves him so much he practically went Lola Heatherton at the VMAs. “You’re so special it’s SCARY! I want to Bare! Your! Children!”
    He’s going to suck so hard when he takes over the Tonight Show, licking every ass.

  3. greg says

    He’s not a bad looking dude. But my respect for him went out the window years ago when he let Janet Jackson take all the backlash from the FCC over the SuperBowl ‘flashing breast’ incident. He and his team let her take the downfall. That, plus several interviews I’ve read from him just make me think hes a complete ahole, overgrown frat dude. Still, not a bad looking man lol

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