1. MIke says

    “”If he loses his lawsuit he could be prohibited from spreading his message abroad, a terrible precedent for other anti-gay crusaders. However if he wins, he emerges stronger than ever….””

    Which is more likely? That he “wins” or “loses”? I don’t think “shut up!” lawsuits are successful, no matter how heinous the speech. My speech is protected too: I wouldn’t be surprised if he were Dr. Tiller’d one day.

  2. 1♥ says

    He only reveals what the Christians truly want, and that’s the death and murder of all Gays around the world. Without their hatred they would have no religion.

    They prove daily that Jesus died in vain and the Christian’s use his death to spread their abhorrence for love and peace.

  3. Gregory In Seattle says

    So when international human rights organizations files charges and begins prosecutions, they will have his admission of guilt already entered into the public record.

    How convenient.

  4. thom says

    …There are FAR too many people willing to fund this type of insanity (and they do, with big bucks!)…Their goal is to keep getting money from frightened and hateful trolls with dark souls….they are all alike have an insidious cankerous disease that is untreatable. Shingles are too good for this man, that’s for sure. Shoo!…go away!

  5. thom says

    oh…one more thing….look at this guy’s crazy eyes!…It’s must be a trait of theses types…Bachmann,Robertson, Haggard..and on and an…It’s in the eyes and we can see it. Scary.

  6. Todd says

    So what he has done is taken what can be said as a well intentioned religion and turned it into his personal Jihad against what he doesn’t like. I hate religion, all religion, cause it still is a force in destroying the world.

  7. Brad Lane says

    This man needs to be jailed for his crimes against humanity, put into a prison yard and continually beaten by gay men, not until he dies, but so he suffers tremendously as every gay man who has ever been beaten up for being gay ever did. This man is a modern day Hitler and does not deserve a platform for his hate.

  8. Calvera says

    I like to think that one day scott lively will go to some version of hell where gay demons subject him to all the negative things he caused to happen (both intended and accidental) to gays while alive. Monsters like him need to experience the suffering they caused first hand, over and over, for a long, long long time.

  9. CMCalifornia says

    There is a universal theme in Christianity and Islam: apartheid, homicide, and genocide of gay people. Scott Lively is responsible for the deaths of gay people in Africa, Russia, United States. He needs to go on trial for crimes against humanity. The international gay community must pledge to stop Scott Lively from his hate propaganda against gay people worldwide and expose him for the fraudster, huckster, criminal, con-artist he is. He needs to be silenced and prosecuted for his role in the deaths of gay people. We can not allow anyone to propitiate a world theme of murder towards gay people. He must be held accountable for his actions.

  10. CMCalifornia says

    It would be extremely beneficial for a smart reporter to expose Scott Lively’s biography: Sources of income, donations, connections, links, influences, partners, buddies. Please name individuals, organizations, churches, governments, politicians, officials, who plot with Lively to murder gay people worldwide. We need accurate information, reporting, insightful revelations. How does Lively finance his world hate propaganda? Where does he receive funding? What affiliations has he, and where are they? Is Lively financed by Islam, Mormons, Catholics-Vatican, Evangelicals, USA Southern Baptists? Does Lively instill terrorists acts toward gay people, and does he financially support terrorist acts? Expose everything.

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