Massachusetts Anti-Gay Hate Group Offers ‘Not Equal’ Stickers


Well this is quite a statement to put on your bumper: MassResistance, a Massachusetts anti-gay group, is giving out 'not equal' stickers that are essentially copies of the Human Rights Campaign's logo with a big, negative slash right through them.

Via Jeremy Hooper's Good As You, here's just a taste of MassResistance's inspiration for making the stickers, taken from their own website:

The concept of "equal" is the building block of the homosexual movement's overall propaganda campaign. Simply put, homosexuality must be considered "equal" to normal heterosexuality throughout society, on all levels of human activity.

By pushing the "equal" sign everywhere, it's also meant to have an intimidating psychological effect on anyone who opposes their movement. Individual activists often display it as much as possible. It says that they're banded together, that they're everywhere, that their "equal" is the new normal, and that we don't have a chance countering their momentum.

The truth is: It's NOT equal. And MassResistance has decided to help you fight back. We've just "come out" with our own sticker that subtly and simply counters their propaganda.

MassResistance has a few suggestions for where you might put your stickers–say, for example, "on your car between your 'Impeach Obama' and 'NRA' stickers."  Maybe you'd like to put them "on doors and walls in public schools–or better yet, in the State House!"

It's one thing to campaign against LGBT equality and to make outlandish statements like claiming that legal protections for LGBT people constitute 'special treatment.'  But it's a whole new low to proudly proclaim your belief that people should be treated unequally, and to make conveient little stickers to share that message.

Oh, and the best part about them?  They're a lovely lavender color.