News: Dallas Buyers Club, Elk, Grindr, Brad Pitt, Ocean Waves

RoadHunter gored by antler of elk he'd just killed.

RoadDavid Mixner on the NYC election: Sad news, good news, tough battle ahead.

DbcRoadIndiewire parses the homophobia in the MAtthew McConaughey AIDS drama Dallas Buyers Club.

RoadBest dog Vine of the year?

RoadFormer Bush spokesperson and FOX News blowhard Dana Perino is tired of people trying to remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance: "If these people don't like it, they don't have to live here."

IRoadt's time to celebrate Brad Pitt's haircut.

RoadThere are 800-foot waves breaking deep in the ocean. "The deep ocean is thought of as dark, cold and still. While this is mostly true, huge waves form between layers of water of different density. These skyscraper-tall waves transport heat, energy, carbon and nutrients around the globe. Where and how they break is important for the planet's climate."

RoadTyson Beckford struts his shirtless stuff for the paparazzi in NYC.

GrindrRoadGrindr blocked by Turkey: "According to an online message displayed when attempting to access Grindr from Turkey, the block has been ordered by the 14th Criminal Court of Istanbul as a as a 'protection measure.'"

RoadNYT Civil Behavior columnist Steven Petrow on how (or if) people should tell others that they're HIV positive.

RoadStay the Night: Zedd has a new track out featuring Hayley Williams.

RoadHere are some further comments from the gay activists who met with Obama in St. Petersburg: “I think it’s very important that Obama invited human rights activists, including specifically LGBT activists from Russia,” Kochetkov said. “It was a serious signal to the global community, a signal that it’s impossible to discuss human rights in today’s world without a conversation about the status of gay rights. Not everyone, especially in Russia, understands that.”

RoadHundreds of naked men to go on display at Paris' Musee d'Orsay.

KylieRoadKylie Minogue joins BBC's The Voice UK as a coach.

RoadSinead O'Connor debuts new face tattoos: "The Irish singer debuted striking new features — two prominent, and permanent, red cheek tattoos bearing the letters "B" and "Q" on either side — while performing in England earlier this month."

RoadMTV True Life looking for gay athletes.

RoadWhere does LA Galaxy player Robbie Rogers hang out in West Hollywood? "His move to WeHo earlier this year came amidst a maelstrom of activity since he came out to his family in October and to the world in February…Rogers says he enjoys being able to walk to many restaurants and coffee shops; Alfred’s is one of his favorite haunts. (You might also spot Rogers at Fred Segal or Kitson, two local stores that carry his Halsey line of men’s trousers.)"


  1. LetsTalk says

    Do your really want your grindr picture up on this site ?

    Seriously, using grindr and that whole hook-up culture is really kind of sad and pathetic.

    Hang up and interact with the people around you, idiots.

  2. MIke says

    What’s the matter with being sick of people trying to remove “Under God” from the Pledge? It’s been like that since it was inserted. Like Marge has to tell Homer about living under the sea: “It’s not gonna happen.”

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    “800 foot waves”

    How could a Pisces be so afraid of the ocean. I didn’t used to be, but I am now. James Cameron was one brave fool to go down into the depths–the abyss. As brave as I used to be when I was young who’d have thought I turn into a scared old queen.

  4. crispy says

    That IndieWire article about Dallas Buyers Club is ridiculous. (FYI: It SPOILS the entire movie, including the ending.)

    The author is completely biased, goes into the movie looking for something wrong, and the gist of his argument is that because the movie is about a straight man, it can’t possibly be good. He makes the same mistake as David Ehrenstein did when he ridiculed Brokeback Mountain because its 4 primary leads were all straight in real life.

    The movie is getting great reviews everywhere else I’ve read, including Oscar buzz for the lead actors.

  5. Eric says

    Dana Perino, and Fox News, may be surprised to learn that on top of the “under God” part not being added to the Pledge until 1954 do to fears of Communism, the Pledge itself was written in 1892 by a socialist Baptist minister who believe in wealth redistribution and who feared big business would strip us of our humanity. Don’t hear them talking about that!

  6. Eric says


    The film is based on an actual person, so what happens to him in the end isn’t a secret. Also, he has AIDS in 1985 and in the first ten minutes is told he has 30 days to live… how do you think it’s going to end?

  7. crispy says

    It was a parenthetical, Eric. That said, I had no idea how the movie was going to end. You do realize that not all movies about people, tragic or otherwise, end with their deaths?

  8. Icebloo says

    How the mighty have fallen – Kylie now appearing on The Voice. Kylie is going to suffer from this decision. She has signed with an American management company owned by Jay-Z. Appearing on The Voice in America is seen as a good thing and will boost your image but appearing on these awful shows in the UK is seen by the British as someone whose career is over.

    Kylie should have stuck with her old management team who kept her at the top for 25 YEARS ! They had a more global view about the world outside America ! Unfortunately she got greedy for American success which has largely eluded her.

    Once again we see that Americans have no knowledge or interest in anything outside America.

  9. Paul R says

    For a brief moment I saw Sinead’s name and the Kylie picture at the same time and was impressed, confused, and mildly scared, thinking she’d really transformed herself.

  10. Moz's says

    Turkey’s PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his religious center right party are taking Turkey backwards

    Ataturk is rolling in his grave, especially since he removed religion from politics in Turkey and Recep’s party wants to re-install religion into politics

  11. Moz's says


    “under god” was put into the pledge in 1954

    prior to 1954 the official pledge of the Us did not include “under god”. The addition was a cold war anti communist bit of propaganda

    You might also be surprised that US money never had “in god we trust” till 1956, again as cold war anti-communist propaganda

  12. MIke says

    Moz, I knew that. And it’s never going to be removed as this is a Christian nation. Care to tell me in the “Declaration of Independence” when ” God” was added four times?

  13. Hyde says

    “Former Bush spokesperson and FOX News blowhard Dana Perino is tired of people trying to remove “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance: “If these people don’t like it, they don’t have to live here.””

    Unfortunately I do have to live here since it’s pretty hard to get citizenship for another country.

    I may have been born in America, and live in America, but I don’t consider myself American. I’d happily move to Japan if I could get citizenship.

  14. 1♥ says

    Re: Dana Perino is tired of people trying to remove “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance:
    For anyone that agrees with Ms. Perino please watch the 1945 Christmas movie The Bells of St. Mary’s with Bing Crosby, and Ingrid Bergman. In it Bing Crosby recites the Pledge of Allegiance and he does not use “under God”.
    I guess people like Ms. Perino hates Bing Crosby and doesn’t consider him a patriot.
    P.S. the movie isn’t one of their best.

    @ MIKE
    RE: And it’s never going to be removed as this is a Christian nation. Care to tell me in the “Declaration of Independence” when ” God” was added four times?

    Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and he was NOT a Christian. He was a Deist. Nowhere in the Declaration is Jesus, Moses or the Bible ever mentioned. If America was founded as a Christian nation this would not be the case.
    Read more here:

  15. Jack M says

    I love all these people saying, “If you don’t like (blank) then you can leave the country.” Do they have a deed to the USA or something that they think this country is theirs? Why don’t we start asking them to leave?

  16. Moz's says


    the US is not a xtian nation per the treaty of tripoli signed by president James Adems with unanimous senate approval

    The Decleration of Indipendence was written by Jefferson and the Constitution by Madison with Jefferson input. Both avowed DEISTS

    nowhere is jesus mentioned in either nor the god of abraham nor the bible, nor the torah, nor xtianity nor judaism

    The Constitution is a Deist secular Document