1. Thomas says

    Not sure why the first two comments are so negative. Maybe Rosie isn’t for everyone, but I love her. She truly wears her heart on her sleeve.

  2. tonyc says

    Is she still on Oprah’s network?! I have no clue. :-) :-) I have seen her do 2-3 episodes of Web Therapy , I think the second season., she played a really good Catholic with the rosary beads in her hands , those religious statues behind her.,all very funny.. One show I don’t miss

  3. Mike Ryan says

    I really wish it were two guys as I’m not a big lesbian fan. It looks like they have cast it well and I’ve always liked Rosie. I loved her most when she interviewed Barbra and confronted Tom Selleck over the gun issue. I look forward to seeing her on this show, I’m just not sure there is enough there for me to stay with it. Now if it were Brad Pitt (the cop) and a new face like David Leon (second detective on BBC’s Vera) I wouldn’t miss a minute of every episode! :-)