Sean Hayes: No Heavy Gay Messaging in My New Sitcom


Sean Hayes insists his new sitcom Sean Saves the World, about a single gay dad raising a teen daughter, won't be message-driven like The New Normal:

“Absolutely not. If that’s a byproduct of their viewing experience,
fantastic. But it’s definitely not in the forefront of our minds when
creating this show week-to-week. It’s making people laugh and telling
great stories. I think with me playing a gay dad, the gay part should be
the fifth most interesting thing about the character. It definitely
doesn’t need to be focused on that just like in real life. So if it’s
groundbreaking for being extra funny, great. But there is no agenda here
other than to be funny.”

Our TV writer Bobby Hankinson talks about Hayes's new show in his column, Five New Shows to Watch and Five to Skip This Fall. Check it out HERE.


  1. Randy says

    I wanted to like The New Normal, but I think it did suffer from trying way, way too hard.

    I’m not sure Sean’s show will be the answer, as the previews look boring as most 80s syndicated comedies. But he’s right on this.

  2. Stolidog says

    The New Normal SUCKED because the gays ALWAYS let the mother in law win with easy arguments and then cried about it….they so passively took every insult that was heaved at them. It was pretty horrifying to watch.

  3. daws says

    I’ve been having a Will & Grace marathon! I miss seeing Sean on tv. I’ll definitely check this out. And I’m glad that it won’t feel so…I don’t know what was up with The New Normal. It felt heavy-handed maybe? Over the top? Too preachy at times? I had a love/hate relationship with that show before finally giving up on it.

  4. says

    The previews for the show, which one would assume contain it’s funniest moments, were painfully unfunny. But I think the producers and the network are trying hard not to have the problem that The New Normal had in being so much about the gay. I don’t think that’s the problem with this show. People watched Will and Grace because it was funny. These other shows not so much. Maybe they should work harder on the comedy. Oh, Modern Family. Also funny. It’s not the gay thing that’s the problem. It’s the lack of laughs.

  5. Chris says

    I tend to give shows a few episodes after the pilot to find their footing. Writing a good pilot is hard, since so much establishing has to be done in terms of characters and setting and tone and such. Some of my favorite shows has truly awful pilot episodes. Will & Grace is a good example of that. So are 30 Rock and Community, not to mention my beloved Golden Girls.

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