1. Ryan says

    I lasted about 30 seconds into that song… waiting for when it got good, but it got worse and worse and worse.

    You can’t do a musical if 1) you don’t get the music right and 2) the lyrics sound like they were written by the girl who sang Friday.

  2. Brandon says

    Hm… so much for constructive criticism. What a bunch of vicious queens. I thought we were supposed to uplift our LGBT brethren and not tear them down.

  3. Ed says

    Sorry to blow the fantasy, but all gay relationships have an expiration date. Remember that newlyweds… either that, or one of you is going to be miserable. Uplifting? Being gay isn’t a club Brandon. We fought for the right to marry, not patch flat tires.

  4. Mike in the tundra says

    Okay Ed, let’s see the statistics you gathered.

    My husband’s and my relationship expired when he died. I suppose there is a very outside sense that is what you meant. I guess we would have to had died together to make your statistics not work.

  5. beejay says

    To many of the above posters:

    Let’s see you write, play, and sing something better.

    I wish I had his talent.

  6. Will says

    I enjoyed it! Something different!! All the other web-series are grand and unique in their own way but this had a quirkiness to it … I’m excited for the next one!!

  7. Joey says

    What an incredible premiere episode! This guy is clearly mega talented — I’m really curious as to how this is going to progress! Interesting concept — unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

    Keep it going, John!

  8. Dback says

    Just me, but I got a lot more out of these 14 minutes than I did out of the movie “Weekend,” which explored similar relationship-on-a-deadling-issues. (I know a lot of people loved that movie, but I thought it was somewhat overrated.) This, however–this is magical. Can’t wait to see the next installments.

  9. JamesinMA says

    This is a great idea but I have some difficulty getting past the half-baked songwriting. Since all the songs have no rhyming structure they feel like all emotion and little craft and I tend to appreciate crafty lyrics. I wish him luck though; it’s a pretty ambitious project.

  10. anony6 says

    Wow,this episode has me excited for the series. And the music is so good, I can’t believe some people here. The music and his voice are on point, the lyrics though aren’t so good during some segments.

    Anyway, I’m hooked. I hope new episodes consistently arrive. Never know with these web series’.

  11. Millie85 says

    I adore this site for all of its content – except the music that is being uploaded. It’s either extremely shallow & standard gay bar beats or overly sentimental and emotionally immature love songs. Yuck.

  12. Fenrox says

    Wow that was amazing! Other gay video makers take note, THAT is what it looks like when you have a goal, conviction to reach goal and a vision of the whole project. I hate musicals! I don’t think that guy is hot and yet I watched it and liked it. It felt very honest. Just great!

  13. DMP107 says

    A bit self-indulgent. I’m willing to go with the somewhat random musical composition, but I wish he’d gotten a more polished singer to perform the songs. He has a nice camera presence, but an entire monologue in a shower while talking about a first date? He’s cute, but that’s just random and a bit, well, again, self-indulgent. I’m willing to see where this goes, but I hope it’s more than just a psychoanalytic ego trip. Also, you had a series of hot boyfriends that didn’t work out and I’m supposed to feel sorry for you? Please, cry me a river.

  14. Kevin says

    @JAMESINMA Just because a lot of songs have a rhyming structure doesn’t mean that a song must. Go listen to “Frank Mills” on the soundtrack of Hair. Some lyrics:

    I met a boy called Frank Mills
    On September 12th, right here
    In front of the Waverly.
    But unfortunately
    I lost his address.

    He was last seen with his friend,
    A drummer, he resembles
    George Harrison of the Beatles
    But he wears his hair
    Tied in a small bow at the back.


    I love it, it’s one of the most affecting songs in the show.

  15. Jason says

    Yeah, he’s a talented guy, but this is way too self indulgent to keep my interest. As a die-hard musical theater geek I can handle the crappy songs, but the confessional style, the instagrammy filters, his unwavering belief that everything that he’s ever said and experienced is completely fascinating, his lingering gazes into the camera? Too darn much.