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Steve Grand's New Video 'Stay' Has Arrived: WATCH


And I think this guy gets to stay.


All-American Boy [tlrd]

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  1. Loved that this was country and so summery upbeat. Love the song and What a wonderful mixture of Gay, Straight and Lesbian young people depicting a truly normal get-together of friends. Anymore so many young people don't care about who defines their sexuality which way.

    Posted by: Nicki | Sep 8, 2013 6:41:29 AM

  2. His singing is mediocre....

    Posted by: Ankerich | Sep 8, 2013 9:28:04 AM

  3. Everyone older than these guys....pat yourselves on the back! It is because of our coming out and making this world snap out of it that simple things like this video or big things like gay marriage are now becoming a reality.

    Posted by: greg | Sep 8, 2013 3:01:45 PM

  4. WOW! Just ... wow! I'm 70 years old, a retired classically-trained CHURCH MUSICIAN (!) who hasn't sung, played, or conducted a piece of SECULAR MUSIC (!!) since I graduated from HIGH SCHOOL (!!!).

    I LOVED "Stay!" Maybe I haven't watched enough music videos (and I haven't watched many), but I didn't see or hear ANY of the things on which the negative commenters were commenting.

    I won't upbraid them, because I don't know the life experiences that brought them to that space.

    But I WILL share my comment about "Brokeback Mountain" and by extension "All American Boy:"

    I grew up in the era (pre-Stonewall) where the author or director had to kill off the gay hero in the last chapter or the last reel in order to get the book published or the movie made.

    As good as "Brokeback Mountain" was, while I read the entire short story, I couldn't watch all the movie. In my life, I've read hundreds and seen hundreds of gay-themed books and movies that surrendered to that poisonous stereotype:

    "We're gay; we don't deserve happiness. Indeed, we don't deserve to LIVE!"

    Enough, already!

    I feel the same way about AIDS books, plays, and movies. If "Angels In America" and "The Band Played On" didn't tell the story eloquently and movingly, then it's time to give up.

    No, it's time to move ON. Where are the books, plays and videos of HAPPY GLBTQAI people getting MARRIED, having CHILDREN, growing OLD?

    *I'm* as entitled to mourn as anyone ... I buried TWO life-partners; I nursed three beloved friends before I became (non-AIDS-related) disabled myself; I played the organ for dozens of funerals of beloved friends and colleagues.

    If I continued to mourn NOW, I would SUFFOCATE.

    CELEBRATE "Stay!" CELEBRATE *you*! CELEBRATE life, and love, and beauty and music-making!

    Forget about the rest. Drown negativity in a cold beer!! Be THANKFUL!!!

    Posted by: Bud_Clark | Sep 8, 2013 9:50:58 PM

  5. Yes, cute, yes, upbeat, yes, current with celebration of homoerotic as normative.

    Still, the story line in the video is confusing.

    Did these guys just meet?

    Is this a flirtation?

    Is he proposing to cheat or "step out" on his partner?

    Why is that sexy? What's the partner like? Why do we have no image of him?

    Are the friends celebrating this affair or just so drunk they have no idea what's going on?

    The video flips between a social event and vanilla above-the-waist soft porn images.

    From a professional standpoint in the music industry doesn't it take just a bit more to make an audience root for them to spend the summer together?

    Posted by: mark | Sep 9, 2013 1:54:26 AM

  6. No fat people allowed

    Posted by: Ralph Petrucci | Sep 9, 2013 8:20:11 AM

  7. Anything upbeat and positive has its good points. It's not my taste, but I'm glad people like it and it certainly doesn't do any harm. From some of the comments in this string, you'd think the kid wrote a gay version of "Triumph of the Will" instead of a pop music ditty.

    Posted by: MikeMick | Sep 9, 2013 5:27:05 PM

  8. Don't like the song that much, but I like the performer's voice.

    Posted by: Matte | Sep 10, 2013 3:23:04 AM

  9. @mark: They just met, and then it's a flirtation, and then... maybe an open ended promise?

    That was my read, and I think it's beautiful.

    (On the other hand, "American Boy" was depressing. Been there, done that, and ever time, I kicked myself for falling into the same trap.)

    Posted by: James in Toronto | Sep 17, 2013 1:00:36 PM

  10. I hear U Bud, how up beat. Filmed near Oak St. beach, where I once thought of drowning myself all of 60 years ago. I've come a long way. I'm thankful I'm still here. Love yourself's more Life is short.
    Proud to be Gay. Wish you all well.

    Posted by: terryp | Sep 30, 2013 3:59:29 PM

  11. Cute song. Didn't know Steve was a top though. Never judge a book by its...

    Posted by: Max | Nov 15, 2013 9:46:19 PM

  12. You know, even singers like Katy Perry and Britney Spears can sing better than most people and do have a bigger range than Steve. Don't be so quick to lump him with them because of looks.

    Posted by: SFMD | Nov 17, 2013 10:09:08 PM

  13. @BEN -- Bitter, table for one? This way please.

    Posted by: Gigi | Jan 31, 2014 12:37:27 PM

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