1. jjose712 says

    I don’t think there were too much interest here in Spain with the current situation, but it’s quite disapointing being eliminated befor Istambul when our candidature was far better.
    Everytime it’s the same, one of the best punctuations in infraestructures to be early eliminated.
    And corruption couldn’t be the problem in an institution as corrupted as the IOC

  2. Joseph Singer says

    Ah yes, another corruption opportunity. Too bad Jacques won’t be around to revel in it. Tokyo, another city taking the opportunity to lose money… But it’s the prestige!!!!!

  3. Tony C says

    Jacques is getting OLD!!

    finalists( Madrid was eliminated before the final vote) barely get the word Tokyo out of that mouth

    who the heck would travel to Istanbul nowadays
    I ain’t looking at Russia..TCM better have good movies on

  4. Paul R says

    Who would go to Istanbul??? Who wouldn’t. It’s one of the coolest cities, though I will concede infrastructure and management weaknesses.

    Here’s the thing: they won’t give it to a developing country, recently developing country, or a member of Europe’s Poor Four. It’s that simple. Brazil and China don’t count because they’re massive economic superpowers.

  5. Fenrox says

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, WHAT!? WHAT!? WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF TOKYO!? That is like #1 worst place to have them. God, ZERO ROOM, ZERO transit (Yes they have trains, but they are at capacity!), just terrible! Not to mention horrible people, the people of Tokyo are rude, racist, goddamn, what a horrible choice.

  6. Red says


    I think you are an idiot. Japan is safer than many, if not most other countries. I’ve never seen Japanese people committing “Hate Crime” against someone based on race or sexuality. In the US, i’ve experienced racism almost everyday of my life because i’m Asian.

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