1. gregorybrown says

    “Goy” yes, “Gay” no. If I were the least bit likely or tempted to fall in with the White Supremacist crowd, the sheer physical ugliness of so many of them would make me ashamed. Inner corruption appears on the surface. I suppose that’s better than the temptations dangled by the elite SS formations.

  2. robertL says

    Let’s get this straight. The term gay was coined at the last supper when Jesus looked over the crowd of 12 men and said “aren’t we having a gay old time” – then he said do this in memory of me”. From that moment on any activity where men are assembled is referred to as being gay.
    Anyone can rewrite history. Anyone can point a finger and blame. Loving, tolerance and manners certainly seem to be difficult for some.

  3. brandon h says

    I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape about this guy. This is just batshit crazy talk. Give him some decent therapy/meds and he probably wouldn’t believe any of this stuff.

    It’s when this kind of stuff get’s plastered as legitimate on Fox News or echoed by a congressman that you should be worried.

  4. Hagatha says

    Google satellite Leith North Dakota. Even white separatists aren’t going to move there. Dirt roads, old run down houses, it looks like the set from This Property Condemned.

  5. Bill says

    He also said he want “Liebenstraum”, a closer mispronounciation to a German compound that means “love dream”. The word he was trying for was “Lebensraum” which means “living space.”

    It isn’t surprising that he would say “gay” instead of “goy” no matter what he really meant.

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