1. Rowan says

    What a weird bunch of people but interestingly enough,all of them have suffered from bad press and PR image in the past year-ALL or desperately need publicity-Lisa Van De (from the Hollywood housewives!?)

    Lol gay Hollyweird. NEVER change.

  2. Francis #1 says

    Over 1/4 of LGBT teens who come out are kicked out of their homes. A video like this and awareness on the issue of homelessness with LGBT youth was sorely needed. I saw the video last night and it’s incredibly powerful and emotional.

  3. SPOT says

    Lack of subtlety, check
    Cute guy, check
    sexual content, check
    Tugging every heartstring, check
    requisite number of “celebs”, check

    Yes, gay teens deserve better, than this hackneyed, blunt, superfluously sexual piece of crap.

  4. SPOT says

    PS, the majority of homeless lgbt teens are in fact minorities, so thanks for the whitewashing. What, are minority kids not cute enough for this rape fantasy video?

  5. Kevin says

    Yes, this is a punch in the gut. Yes, this seems extreme and atypical. I work with kids like this all the time who engage in survival sex or fall into a culture of drugs. This is a real epidemic and it disproportionately affects LGBT youth. I think a “shocking” video is necessary to wake people up. For those of us out working on the streets to help these kids, this is far from sensational or superfluously sexual. This is no rape fantasy. This is reality.

  6. Mike in the tundra says

    @Spot – I am part of a minority, and I suspect you are correct about most homeless LGBT youth being members of minorities. However, I cannot see how it is possible to collect that data. If you have that data, please share it. If you don’t have that data, don’t throw around the word “fact”.

  7. Bryce Ageno says

    This is also a problem in Seattle, if anyone is in the area and wants to help out I work with an organization called YouthCare. Look them up and sign up as a volunteer.

  8. says

    “3,600 LGBT youth spend each night on the scary streets of Los Angeles” How can this be in a nation where we have so many so-called social safety net programs, so many faith communities doing outreach, so many rich celebs with “charities,” and so many nonprofits?

    If anarchy is Somalia then what the hell kind of civilization is a supposedly wealthy, progressive city like L.A. with all of it’s big fancy government buildings where nearby streets are lined with homeless people?

    This is why the waste of over-duplication of LGBT groups pisses me off. There are too many LGBT groups doing the same thing (YouTube search: Too Many Gay/LGBTI Groups Doing Same Thing?) which creates an enormous waste of resources reinventing the wheel.

    What’s more, the failure of the LGBT mega groups to develop a nationwide structure (as outlined at creates a huge disparity of what health and support resources are available to LGBTs in small town, rural, and suburb LGBT areas. This seems to result in LGBT youth flocking to big cities like L.A. or S.F. thinking it will be some magical rainbow place for them to seek refuge. And while it’s obvious there are more resources for them in the big city areas, there are apparently not so many resources that there’s not 3,600 LGBT youth on the streets each night. (YouTube search: Do Anti-LGBT Regions Shift Homeless Youth On Bigger Cities?)

    Next, if you do an online search for “gay sugar daddy” you’ll find a ton of options compared to an online search of “LGBT youth mentorship” which seems to be mostly limited to big-city area LGBT centers. That’s appalling.

    We now have half a nation in poverty and LGBTs aren’t as rich and upscale as once thought (see: The “B” In LGBT Apparently Stands For “Broke”). And yet LGBTs are bombarded with too many groups duplicating the same objectives. And yet somehow there’s enough money for 6-figure salary executive directors. (see: Blade Reveals Salaries For Heads Of Major LGBT/HIV Activism Orgs) I mean, if income disparity is wrong for the corporate world then shouldn’t it also be wrong in the so-called nonprofit world? As a person in poverty myself I see my $10 going to a drop in the buck for a 6-figure salary for an executive director more so than anything else. So I prefer to do my own no-middle person outreach out of my own pocket – however my outreach specializes in homeless people of all walks of life who are living out of their vehicles in hopes of getting them housed and preventing them from becoming street homeless. I focus on an area I have first-hand knowledge of. I also led the first multi-focused LGBT group in my hometown in a rural area of CA that was completely ignored by all the LGBT mega groups and was successful despite no funding.

    My point is, anyone can do homeless outreach – you don’t have to put that off on anyone else.

    However, there is a need for beds, shelters. In addition to the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s homeless youth outreach (online search: L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center Youth Services), there’s also a group Los Angeles Youth Network which claims, “In a given year, LAYN has fulfilled nearly 11,000 bed nights, which says there were 11,000 less nights of coach surfing or sleeping outside. Through our 24 hour emergency shelters, group home, and transitional living programs, we make sure that not only are youth are provided safe sleeping quarters, but a place of care and refuge they can call home.” I think they meant couch surfing.

    But what about LGBTs in small town, rural, suburb areas? What about LGBT homeless adults (see: S.F. tackles dual challenge – being homeless and gay). What about the fact that half of the US is now in poverty? What about LGBTs struggling to find work? The only LGBT-focused job assistance seems to accessible at big city LGBT Centers that offer limited internet access, job boards, occasional job fairs, and job search counselor assessments.

    Obviously religiously-spawned homophobia is a huge focus of LGBT mega groups. But what about other root problems such as continuing to support the Democrat half the entirely failed 2-party system as well as the self-inflicted problem of too many LGBT groups with 6-figure-salary-earning executive directors wasting resources duplicating same objectives?

  9. Loren says

    I long for the day when all families will celebrate as their sons and daughters come to the realization of being hetero or homo. In the meantime there is much we as gays can do for our younger gay brothers and sisters. Years ago, I set up a fund at my alma mater to support disenfranchised youth, those abandoned by their families. To date there have been about 20 LGBT youth given monies to support them at college. Not long ago, I received a sad call from a young man that had been living in the desert abandoned by his family. I went to him, we talked long, he is now in my home going to college getting straight A’s. These families may never realize the tremendous joy they have lost by abandoning these young people. In their place, we can make a difference. I applaud this video bringing to the forefront the horrors many young people live through.

  10. Kevin says

    Loren, thanks for your dedication to this issue! Opening your home is noble. I am hopeful that as we move into a world where homosexuality is more accepted, we will see the prevalence of homeless gay youth decrease. I fear that we still have a long way to go and even farther for trans* youth. In the mean time, it is helpful to be aware of what’s going on and support programs with donations, if we’re able, or speak up at the very least.

  11. Jeff Hanna says

    Well-done except for the awful, pretentious “music.” Why can’t the film makers trust their material without pouring on a distracting, loud, syrupy soundtrack?

  12. I wont grow up says

    Very manipulative film. But who are they trying to reach?
    Cute white kid kicked out by obviously white trash parents. Goes to La La land to escape, this film is painted with a very broad brush.. It’s probably truer than we think, but these kids are in EVERY city in the US not just in Hollywood. (Of course a lot of these kids end up in the clutches of the porn “business”.)
    I hope they raise enough funds to get these kids off the streets, but to do that we have to change peoples hearts and minds. Homophobia is deeply imbedded in society, in both the Hollywood liberal elite and the conservative right.
    These kids deserve something better than a shallow manipulative mini movie with some shallow Hollywood clones.

  13. m says

    parents who throw their kids out need jail time.

    its a crime.

    its criminal neglect.

    potential parents need to ask each other how will they react if their child isn’t what they expect.

    if the answer isn’t love them with everything they’ve got –> STOP –> you don’t have what it takes to be a parent.

    please don’t ruin some else’s life because you can’t handle it.

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