1. John Ryan says

    Cloying, yes. But filmed well. And they both look and sound spectacular. Maybe next time try something with a bit of a wink toward realizing the wonderful ridiculousness of all this.

  2. jake says

    I like these arrangements, but the trend of the split-screen with multiple shots of the same person singing various parts is just so self-indulgent. I have to listen instead of watch because i’ll puke otherwise

  3. james says

    I love a cappella singing, but why do the singers in these video so often feel they need to over-act them? Is this something that comes out of high school competitive singing? It is like how cheerleaders always have a huge, toothy grin planted on their faces. It is so fake and sort of embarrassing to watch. Pentatonix does it a very slight bit, but it is SOOO toned down compared to most groups. These 2 make take Disney, which is cheesy, to a whole new level.

  4. Sean says

    This is the weakest “mash up” I’ve ever seen. Isn’t a mash up supposed to creatively blend songs together. This was just one after another with no transition whatsoever. Meh

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