1. bravo says

    I haven’t followed any more the story that Matthew Shepherd was killed by his former meth dealer. Whatever happened to that story? Was it fully debunked?

  2. Greg says

    It’s Cory Monteith Day! The meth story has been debunked, but meth is still available. Try is on your favorite straight fantasy. You’ll have him all and more. But it’s dangerous. Don’t go there.

  3. bravo says

    OK, thanks – I hadn’t heard any more about the meth dealer/murderer/sometime-trick angle since things popped up about it a few weeks ago.

    His death was horrible, no matter how it was done or by whom.

  4. Marc says

    The meth/lover story is complete b.s. This accusation, however, is not new. It was tried years ago and was completely debunked then. Simply repeating it now for money does not make it true.

    A lot of this is found in “The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later.” Even before this new book came out, they addressed this “drug” issue and the way certain people wanted to twist this story. It’s false. It goes against all the evidence we have on this case.

    Matt was killed in a hate crime. It wasn’t some “drug deal gone bad” nonsense. He wouldn’t have been killed the way he was killed if that were the case.

    Now, as for this documentary, that trailer alone brings tears to my eyes. It’s like 1998 comes rushing back to me all over again. I’d love to see this movie, but it’s going to be hard to watch. Still, I know it will be worth it.

  5. Dback says

    I’ll be there opening day whenever it shows in Portland, but I too will have a couple handkerchiefs with me. I remember when he died, and being depressed and shaken up for weeks afterwards, and not being able to quite pinpoint why. However:

    When people dismiss Matt’s death as “people only cared about him because he was a good looking white boy,” I argue with them that no, the reason this case touched America so deeply was due to 1) the prolonged and brutal attack carried out over an extended period of time, to the point where it became torture, and 2) the fact that Matt was so small in stature. It’s supposed to be a fundamental rule: don’t pick on those smaller and more defenseless than you. No, his death does not mean “more” than Gwen Arujo’s or James Byrd’s; it’s just one facet of this cancerous hatred of “the other” made manifest in America.

    (A friend of mine who is gay and Latino said the ultimate no-no thing you can’t say in public: he said Matthew Shepard’s death affected him more than September 11th did, “because it was personal.” Shocking as that remark was, I kind of got what he meant.)

  6. Mike Ryan says

    There are a few deaths in life that have shaken me to the point of break down crying: Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana … these were people I had some knowledge of but when Matthew Shepard’s death was reported, the details surrounding his death, I couldn’t take it and cried like a baby. It haunted me then and still haunts me today. No one gay or straight should die like that. As an openly gay man who has been confronted with hate and physical abuse for just being gay I thought then, and still today, that but for the Grace of God …

    Matthew looked to be such a sweet boy. May he rest in peace.

  7. Endora says

    Stephen Jimenez is a POS who should not be received by decent people in the gay community. Do not wait on his table, do not ring him up, do not fix his car, sell him clothes, or perform any service for him. Make him regret the day he opened his stupid mouth and turned rumors, gossip, and BS into right wing talking points.

    In short: SHUN HIM

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