Four Men Sentenced for Brutal Murder of Gay Chilean Daniel Zamudio


Four men who were found guilty this month of the March 2012 murder of gay Chilean Daniel Zamudio have been sentenced.

Attackers_zamudioJudge Juan Carlos Urrutia said in mid-October that Patricio Ahumada Garay, Alejandro Angulo Tapia, Raul Lopez Fuentes and Fabian Mora Mora are guilty of a crime of "extreme cruelty" and "total disrespect for human life."

Zamudio, was fatally beaten, stabbed, burned, and branded with a Swastika in March 2012. He spent several days clinging to life in a hospital before he died and his brutal killing at the hands of the four neo-Nazis has been compared to that of Matthew Shepard.

The AP reports:

The three-judge panel imposed a life sentence on Patricio Ahumada Garay. It sentenced two others to 15 terms, and another was sentenced to seven years. Zamudio's family and friends clapped as the sentences were read out.



  1. topher says

    “live sentence” = 20 years in Chile. And the justice system is so messed up here that they’ll probably end up doing half the time.

  2. The Candidate says

    Burn, stab, beat and torture them to death slowly. Don’t give it second thought especially the one that says “that makes us as bad as them.” No it doesn’t because young Daniel did not have it coming and They do. Do this quickly and publicly in all cases of extreme crime – especially the cruelty part – and watch the crime rate plunge. Hamurrabi had it right. Hamurrabi rocks.

    Vote for me.

  3. Rick says

    It seems that the liberal agenda has conquered the Chilean justice system. Perhaps if Zamudio were more masculine, those men would have treated him with more respect. Masculine men are not inherently equipped to understand or tolerate blatant and unabashed effeminacy in other men. I’m not saying the poor deceased man had it coming. But had he accepted his inherent masculinity and not given in to woman-like behavior, then he’d still be with us. I think the sentence is unfair.

  4. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    @Crispy: I think every version of “Rick” including the “original” is a cartoonish parody of humanity. The absurdity and BS of the postings deepens every time one appears.

  5. YsoSerious says

    The most horrifying thing is, two of these yahoos have serious gay face. They were probably banging each other right after they did this.

    Very, very sad.

  6. CD says

    It’s sadly amazing I have to learn of this disgusting example of true evil on an online LGBT oriented blog and not the evening news, which seems more apt to report pop culture news than the brutal slaying of another human being. Af 36 years, I should know better, but the depravity of human nature never ceases to amaze me (and thankfully the love and compassion displayed by some).

  7. Sam says

    Rick, I usually aviod responding to your comments, but could you please go fall down a flight of stairs or something?

  8. MyOhMyWhatAMachoMan says

    I think it is unfair that folks couch blaming-the-victim rhetoric in ‘I’m not blaming the victim’ clothes, as if that somehow conceals their inherent self-hatred and whack-a-doodle self-flagellation over some litmus test they themselves could not possibly pass.

    If everybody got what they had ‘coming to them’ then there’d be a lot more dead people and a lot fewer trolls on the internet (because trolls invariably are much bolder and braver where their words do not require a backbone to back them up or an intellect beyond that of a randy 3rd-grader without anything approaching an actual personal life or real-life experience beyond desperate longing for sexual objects they can’t either get the courage up to actually talk to or are beyond their limited ability to negotiate as an actual human interaction).

    Not that I’m saying you can’t express your heart-felt opinion on matters you obviously have given great consideration to. That’s your right.

    As our actually brave Secretary of State pointed out, in America you have the right to be wrong.