Gay Couple Plunge to Death at London Construction Site

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 2.20.00 PMIn what is being described as a "bizarre, tragic accident," an off-duty police constable and his TV engineer partner were both killed over the weekend after plunging 20 feet into a construction site. The London Evening Standard has the story:

An official source confirmed to the Standard that the men (Gavin Brewer-left and Stuart Meads-right) had leaned on boards round the building site on the corner of Hampstead Road and Netley Street. The boards then gave way.

The men fell into the hole – believed to be an uncovered roof light for a basement flat – and suffered fatal injuries. London Ambulance Service said both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Today their families both described the deaths at about 2:30 last Saturday as a "bizarre, tragic accident". 

The Health and Safety Executive is investigating and the Met Police, which said officers were called to reports of two men arguing, is treating the deaths as "unexplained". Mr. Meads's father Stephen, of Egham in Surrey, told the Standard: "Stuart was a wonderful son and is a huge loss to our family. We are in shock. It is a very difficult time."

Stephen Baker, a friend of Mr. Meads, said the couple had been drinking Friday night but stressed that there was no question of attributing blame to them. He added:

"They were a wonderful couple. They clearly cared for each other a great deal. They had just come back from a tour of Europe. They were very happy and in love, by all accounts."

Post-mortem examinations were scheduled to take place at noon today and inquests to open on Friday or Monday.   


  1. Mike Ryan says

    How horribly tragic and sad. Mentally I ask myself, “what were they thinking?” Guys, be very careful and don’t take such chances. Seriously, your life can be over with one wrong decision. Don’t get drunk, pick up a guy and climb to the fourth floor of a building under construction – I have a friend who did just that and in the throws of passion stepped back and literally fell four floors to the ground. Broke both legs and has suffered through operation after operation for years now. His life has been forever changed for one stupid drunken mistake.

  2. Jerry says

    and MIKE Ryan, who cares about your opinions on people’s behavior or what your friend did? Completely unimportant to this story.

  3. says

    You guys say the meanest things to each other. Every day the comments go something like this:

    Person #1: I don’t like what this article is about.

    Person #2: You’re a jerk.

    Person #1: No, you’re a jerk.

    Everybody be cool to each other.

  4. JMC says

    @My2cents: A young couple accidentally fell to their deaths.. are you so much of a sociopath that the loss of innocent human life is not tragic to you? Or are you suggesting this was not accidental and that their deaths were the result of either murder or suicide?

    Either way we’d all be much better off if you kept your comments to yourself.

  5. Bill Michael says

    TV Engineer? I can answer that. Believe it or not, television stations (and radio stations) employ highly skilled persons to operate and maintain the equipment including but not limited to the high power broadcast transmitters. In the US one must be certified by the FCC to even turn a screw. The industry has suffered over the past thirty years as equipment has gotten better and has needed fewer adjustments to keep it going plus the FCC has relaxed some of the requirements for licensing qualified people. I know one fellow who contracted out his services to at least a dozen radio stations for a flat fee who made a pretty good living at it.

  6. says

    What are these comments about them climbing a building or “acting like they were in a porn movie”? According to the linked article they leaned against a street-level wooden fence surrounding a construction site and it collapsed, causing them to fall into a hole.

    It sounds like a tragic accident, not an opportunity to accuse them of engaging in unsafe behavior, sexual or otherwise.

  7. my2cents says

    my comment meant to imply that ‘plunge’ might not be the best word choice to describe this accidental, tragic incident.

  8. olympiasepiriot says

    As I am someone who works in construction, this (1) is tragic — but, it (2) is NOT an “accident”. It is a direct result of carelessness on the part of the company who was in charge of the site. Any opening is supposed to be secured and safe. No one is supposed to be able to lean against a construction fence and have it give way, even if you get a crowd of people to push really hard. This is true especially if there is an excavation or other grade-drop on the other side of the fence. (I am usually on a construction site that has an excavation and am fully aware of what it takes to secure such a place. Sometimes it’s really deep, like a tunnel shaft.)

  9. Fenrox says

    guys, really?

    If someone trolls, you ignore it. IGNORE IT. DON’T RESPOND AT ALL, just say your piece or engage how you want but if we all ignore the kiwis/rat/mary etc. WE will all have a better time.

  10. jamal49 says

    To the nitwits who are making righteous moral pronouncements here, just where in the article does it state that this tragedy happened because the couple were drunkards looking to have hot sex? I’ve read it several times now and I just don’t see it. Ah, well, the Halloween season does bring out the trolls, doesn’t it?

    Anyway, condolences to the men’s family and friends.

  11. northoftheborderguy says

    maybe in the heat of passion they leaned up against the plywood construction wall for a romantic kiss and it gave way… with both falling to their deaths. Pretty tragic if you ask me. I’d sue the construction company for not building the hoarding to code.

  12. mark says

    why is it that no matter what the event gay men always manage to prove the stereotypical thoughts of what people think of us..always the beautiful caring thoughts are followed by the bitchy evil one deserves death no matter what the path they followed.
    i would much rather be.known as a caring thoughtful individual

  13. I wont grow up says

    How sad. My prayers are with their families. (Now I’ll probably be attacked for my prayers, this site is getting meaner and meaner every day)

  14. Jaker says

    @i won’t grow up. What are prayers supposed to accomplish? If god hears enough of them, he will get off his duff and intervene somehow? Never understood the point.

    What do prayers actually accomplish? Nothing. Nada. Squat.

    You asked for it. I’m such a meanie