1. Paulie says

    “My artpop could mean anything”

    Or nothing at all.

    But seriously, when will her delusional Little Ghouls realize her pop culture moment has come and gone? Bad Romance was her peak.

  2. danswon says

    Uhhh please go away with all this Lady Gaga crap, you’re all so easily bought. And the ‘Artpop’ concept is so unoriginal and shallow and badly thought out.
    Why do you even post stuff about music? I like classic rock. Do we all have to fit into that lame gay stereotype. Gay media is as homophobic as all the rest.

  3. C. Foley says

    Yeah, this melody is actually pretty good, unlike some of the songs on this album. Hopefully these lyrics aren’t indicative of the rest of this song though, where the melody is what rescues it. And it’s a shame that I don’t like the majority of the songs I’ve heard so far from this album, as I thought her music was becoming progressively more interesting with the Fame Monster and then Born This Way (album).

  4. Pam says

    Oh, look, here’s Andy Towle promoting nearly-naked female singers to gay men again. How quaint. Did he again fail to mention Gaga’s collaboration with homophobe TI?

    Maybe Andy has changed his sexuality….

  5. Brian says

    Her promo single, Do What U Want, is #1 in 61 countries, and Applause recently surpassed Bad Romance in radio spins. Anyone who says she is over is delusional.

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