1. Hagatha says

    Some people say that The Bible says that we should be vegetarians. Some passage speaks of the fruits and vegetables we are to consume and says, “… they shall be as meat to you”.

    Albert Einstein supposedly said that being a vegetarian was clearly our natural order, plants being somewhat easier to catch than animals.

  2. Matt27 says

    When you think PR isn’t able to go lower, he always does… By the way, the Bible I read says, it’s not what we eat, which makes us evil, it’s what comes out, the words. I guess he reads sth different.

  3. Hey Darlin' says

    His lack of education is showing yet again. The wealth and benefit of your food comes not from the type but from the production facility or in the case of many carbs, the seed producer.

    Just in case you’ve been under a rock (such as Mr. Robertson) we aren’t growing all plants under natural conditions as the bible would only have had knowledge of. The unnatural can cause terrible side effects. His funding is showing again.

  4. Ben Nevis says

    Sometimes these religious types hang it all out there for people to see. Kinda like the emperor’s new clothes, dig? The problem is, that people just don’t see. Kinda like the girl from Ipanema, dig that too daddy-o?

  5. Chris says

    hagatha, there are also valid medical objections to vegetarianism, and quoting the bible as a source of nutritional advice is as valid as using it as a biology textbook. Einstein, while a brilliant physicist, was not a nutritionist or biologist, so why quote his dietary notions? We are omnivores, plain and simple, always have been. Our digestive systems vary vastly from that of vegetarian species. As do our teeth, Science wins over faith, emotion, or belief. Science is, whether you believe differently or not.

  6. Swiminbuff says

    OMG does anyone in this guys family get him tested for dementia? No matter what is being discussed he always finds a way to come across as looney tunes.

  7. Hey Darlin' says

    @VINT True. I didn’t mean in general, as it may have sounded. I meant on a specific subject he feels the need to educate others about.

    It’s sad a person can be a LOT of both and still attempt to tell others how to live.

  8. tinkerbelle says

    Actually, man is designed as a herbivore (mouth size and chewing necessity—not swallowing food whole; tooth configuration, intestinal tract length, sweats like a herbivore instead panting like a carnivore). It’s only since the invention of tools that man was able to track and kill and thus eat animals. Of course, according to Poopah Robertson’s biblical calculations (6 days and all that), this probably all happened around 1962, right before the Beatles and miniskirts, which can all be connected directly to the garden of Eden and man’s expulsion from said garden.

    Religion makes me really tired.

  9. Joseph L says

    Oh thank Jeebus for this man! Now I can have a large pizza every day, and when I have a heart attack I can think “well, at least I wasn’t violating God’s Law of Carbohydrates.” /sarcasm off

  10. nick says

    And I ask once again- tell us Pat-
    what did you do with the income that you gained from hauling back all the diamonds and other gems from Africa after dropping off you fairy tale tracts to the masses?

  11. Hagatha says

    For once, ol’ Mr. Robinson makes sense. Low carb diets are unhealthy hippie nonsense. But then again most of these fad diets are. Somehow we as a society got by on meat, dairy, gluten and carbs. Perhaps you fairies should stop being so sensitive and act like men for once.

  12. JMC says

    Well it’s refreshing Jesus was proud of me when I ordered a 20 piece box of McNuggets *and* a McChicken last night.. then again, I felt enough shame for the two of us. Not enough to keep me from also ordering a large fry, mind you.

  13. guest says

    @HAGATHA, et al: Some people have to be on a low-carb diet to keep diabetes in check. Those poor 700 Club viewers who will get even into worse health now…

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