1. Brian says

    Oh, please, give me a break. This is homophobic. If Matt Nathanson was truly gay-friendly, he would have shown himself falling in love with a man, not a phony woman.

    I also find it offensive that Matt and his ‘director’ would associate transgenders with the grubby world of stripping.

  2. Chutney says

    Trans women are real women, just in the wrong body. Do your medical research, before you open your mouth and prove there’s nothing in your brain. Trans folk have little option on jobs, thanks in part to attitudes like yours.

  3. shibby says

    @Brian If anything, this video has revealed you to be transphobic… “phony woman?”

    My fear with the video was that this was going to use the tired old “she’s a dude!” punchline. Glad it wasn’t that at all and instead about loving the person you love without judgement or restraint.

    Though I suppose if the only complaint you can have of the video is that she was a stripper, then I suppose some progress is being made.

  4. Sam says

    Matt Nathanson is a sweet and “dirty” guy and it’s a shame that he often gets passed over for other douches like John Mayer. I have pecked him on the cheek before and have the photo to prove it. He loves his gay fans.

  5. TheDrDonna says

    Oh man I was ready to be annoyed at another trite “she’s actually a DUDE!” gag, but this was actually really sweet. Also, the song is pretty dang catchy, I’ll have to check him out.

  6. Gregory in Seattle says

    @Brian – The song is about a man’s infatuation for a woman who works as a stripper. The transgender angle appears only in the video, and I think it was very well done.

  7. Brian says

    If Matt Nathanson had balls, he would have shown himself falling in love with a man. As it is, the video is simply a hetero-normative narrative. A big thumbs down to Matt and his gross videoWww director.

  8. parrish1000 says

    God! The comments on Towleroad can be so angry, trite and small-minded! Makes me embarrassed to be gay. I promise, I promise to never read them again…

  9. what says

    It’s nice, it shows that a transwoman can be as romantic, hot or just as “girl-next-door” as any other woman.

    And there’s nothing morally questionable about stripping.

  10. mike says

    Been a fan of Matt’s for a long time now, and this video made me even more of one. This is a great concept video and I like that Matt just “goes with it” and enjoys himself. Matt and his lead actually have a really sweet chemistry in this video, which is a refreshing antidote to a lot of hokey music videos that kinda go nowhere. Good on you, Matt! To the haters (on Towleroad, really? what a surpise!): just, stop.

  11. Eddie says

    Lol! So if the tranny is really a woman as some commenters say, then this is a story about heterosexual romance. So what the fark is it doing on Towleroad? This just points out how nuts it is to lump LGB in with T.

  12. Gregory In Seattle says

    @FuryOfFirestorm – It’s been a long time since I heard “Lola” and had forgotten the context. Now this video seem much less like a gimmick.

  13. Charlie says

    its cute and about time they showed a trans a NOT the butt of a joke, and a romantic lead.As a real woman…
    I lost attraction for him when he kissed the tranny though.

    No one needs to do any research to know trannies have penises and male dna.

    Sorry you feel you were born in wrong body.
    Youre still a guy with gorgeous make up, male DNA, and male everything else except for half of a look

  14. SFBob says

    How awesome is Matt?! He just got done performing this live on the MDA Telethon! Catchy tune…drives kids to the internet to see the video and BAM! Love this guy!
    And Bobcat Goldthwait too!

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