Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Won’t Take Stand on People Fired for Being Gay: ‘That’s a Hypothetical’

Check out the exchange Michigan Governor Rick Snyder had with reporters on Thursday when asked if someone can be fired for being gay or perceived as gay:

SnyderSnyder: Well again, in terms of people being fired for no good reason, again, that's always an issue, that shouldn't happen.

Reporter: Is being fired because you're gay or perceived as gay one of those issues?

Snyder: Again, you have issues where you want to see people have an opportunity to have a career.

Reporter: But when you say "no good reason," is being gay a good reason to be fired?

Snyder: Well again, that's a broad statement, so it'd depend on the particular facts of the situation. That's a hypothetical, that's very general in that context.

Reporter: People are being fired because they're gay though, that's not hypothetical. An employer can do that. That's not a hypothetical situation, that's a real situation…

Snyder: The question is how should government be involved in that process and how active, so again that's where I'm happy to work with the legislature as they're willing to look at those kind of issues.

Reporter: But you're not going to lead on that issue.

Snyder: At this point in time I've got a number of other things that I've had as priorities.

Snyder's a pro at evading questions on LGBT civil rights. You'll remember he was asked about marriage equality last May on the same day that legislation was introduced to repeal Michigan's constitututional ban on same-sex marriage:

Asked about his personal position on the issue, Snyder says he hasn’t gotten involved because he wants to focus on “jobs and kids.”


  1. johnny says

    It’s like he’s totally scared to say the word “gay” as if he’ll turn into a goat or something.

    It would almost be comical if it weren’t so pathetic.

  2. says

    Just another political hack devoted to his own self promotion.
    God forbid that he should lead…….instead he holds the right opinions for the time of year, the ultimate hack, yes man, tokenist.

    We are cursed to live in such times when the best lack all conviction and the worst are filled with passionate intensity. (Yeats)

    And why is the USA so insular that it does not look to other countries for admirable enforceable Equality Legislation ? Get that gang of legislation copiers ( I forget what they’re called ? ALEC ?) to copy and post such Equality Legislation to each state.

  3. Jonathan says

    He didn’t hesitate to take partner benefits away from gay state employees when he had the chance and has signed every extreme measure our conservative state legislature has sent his way. His record is anti-teacher, anti-women, anti-gay like the rest of his party.

  4. Fenrox says

    I don’t know or care who this is but he really didn’t say or do anything here. That ballsy reporter tried to get him to say something but this guy is clearly a pro at talking. I’m sure this guy is scum or whatever but not from this exchange.

    And it is a hypothetical, because they were having an in-context conversation about job discrimination. Still, why not just say, “I am interested in this issue and I would support a measure to keep people in their jobs”, you don’t even gotta be pro gay if you just have a just code.

  5. Critifur says

    He is a Republican, why is his response a surprise? Why doesn’t this entry mention that the Gov. is a Republican? It the entry headline said, “Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder…”, I would have never even read it, because this is not news, this is expected.

  6. Victor says

    This is what happens when you buy into a candidate’s portrayal as a moderate. He had sold that image during MI gubernatorial elections, but has shown himself to be a staunch Republican signing everything the state Republican party passes.

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