1. Thomas Cardellino says

    While Syrians die by the 100’s of 1,000’s, while Russia is descending into truly Nazi-modeled tyranny over LGBTI folks just as the Germans once gradually dehumanized Jews, while we have a cabal of Quislings a/k/a Tea-baggers destroying this, the world’s oldest democracy, from within funded by the ultra-wealthiest few individuals in the world, why should we should spend even a minute of our time utterly wasted and lost forever being a peanut gallery to a cat fight?
    Please, Towelroad, exercise way, way better editorial discretion!

  2. Dan says

    Does it matter who “wins”? These are two very damaged people who need to get healthy instead of engaging in televised blood sport. The whole Real Housewives franchise is built on petty disputes that are ginned up into crazy battles in order to make a largely female and gay audience feel better about itself. I used to lap this stuff up with a spoon. No more. We’re better than this.

  3. Mikey B. says

    I don’t know either of these people, but the first clip shows that Omarosa is a stuck-up, self-involved, self-important person. I would hate to have to put up with that kind of ridiculous person.

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