1. anon says

    He looks like he needs to bathe. I think it comes from the facial hair. Or, more accurately, the poor attempt at facial hair. Seriously, if it does come in better than that, you should keep it shaved.

  2. johnny says

    Back in the old days in the bars we’d call this kind of guy “rough trade”.

    Then some would get drunk and hit on him.

    Then one would take him home.

    Then he’d call the rest of us the next day and cry about how much stuff was stolen while he was passed out.

  3. anon says

    @JOHNNY….. That description of “rough trade” is the same kind of vibe I have always gotten from Eric Balfour. But, for some reason most gay men find Balfour very attractive. I don’t see it.

  4. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Rough trade?!? In my day, rough trade was actually rough. He looks about as rough as my grandmother.

    The body’s great but having odd eyes does not a beauty make. His hair, brows, ear-things and scraggly facial hair are doing him no favors whatsoever. He should also stop at only one unfortunate tattoo, but he’ll probably be covered by them this time next year.

    Good for him for finding a market, though.

  5. northoftheborderguy says

    I wanna see the full color version. He’s got that Bottega Veneta runway model look. Not sure I’d wanna wake up next to that every morning though. Interesting but just for a short time.

  6. rroberts says

    His eyes remind me of photos of Theda Bara as Cleopatra. If he has any acting ability, I’ll bet we see him on the screen soon.

    btw…Some of you people on here are so ready to pick anything and anybody apart for the flimsiest reasons. He’s not my immediate cup of tea, but what happened to the concept of giving someone a chance?

  7. jeff says

    Frankly, I think his hair is screwy. It just emphasizes how much his ears stick out. And the bouffant is kinda dumb. And he should shave. And use Proactive for the acne. Love the eyes, though. I am not a jealous or cranky queen, I just think that this look really misses the mark. He could do with a better stylist.

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