Russian Parliament Will Debate Law Stripping Gay Parents Of Child Custody Rights


A new bill that would strip gay parents of their child custody rights will be debated in Russia this February. The law upholds the child protective values that the country's recently instated gay propaganda laws do, namely that children will be harmed psychologically in environments where "non-traditional sexual values" are on display.  

The AFP reports:

The author of the bill, Alexei Zhuravlyov of the United Russia ruling party, has cited a controversial study on gay parenting conducted in 2012 by conservative US professor Mark Regnerus.

The New Family Structures study claimed that adult children of lesbian mothers reported lower income and poorer health than children brought up by heterosexual couples.

In an interview with Slon.Ru last month, Mr Zhuravlyov said that "exposing" homosexuals would be easy enough once their children were in school.

"Homosexuals should not bring up children," he said. "It brings more harm than an orphanage."

Previously, parents could be stripped of their custodial rights for alcoholism, abandonment, and abuse. Clearly the care and love of one or more homosexual parents would exact the same amount of harm.

It sounds as though the law is intended not only to remove children from the "harmful" situations in which they are raised, but also to point fingers and make arrests under the propaganda law. With increases in anti-gay violence, denial of celebrity visas, and plain old arrests being made under the new law, its extent can only be imagined at this point. Who's to say what these parents might face?  


  1. says

    With Russia’s parenting track-record they’d be very very lucky to have some gay parents taking over where straight Russians have failed. The problem, of course, isn’t gay parents. The problem is Russia. (Anyone who thinks differently is either a Putin propagandist or knows zero about Russia.)

  2. disgusted American says

    …ahhh Rick…’re Wrong….children of gay and lesbians are exposed to what being human is about – that’s all..nothing less….most are Tolerant of others by their very nature of being raised in a G/L household. Like str8s gays aren’t Monolithic…we’re surprisingly different you know. All the children I’ve ever known in my 53yrs – have been well adjusted, smart – self assured individuals being raised by people they Knew Loved them….that’s it in a nutshell. Like my neice says…she’s happy she grew up with a gay uncle and aunt…it doesn’t get better then that.


    Next step: LGTB concentration camps in Siberia. Or how they would call them euphemistically: “permanent vacation center for people with unconventional and unholy sex”.

  4. Leroy Laflamme says

    ‘A new bill that would strip gay parents of their child custody rights will be debated in Russia this February.’

    Debated, my arse.

  5. graham says

    Rick Troll; You act like Gay parenting is a new thing…with no results.

    So hear this, peckerwood; Gay parenting is as old as hetero parenting.

    And you are a moron.

  6. Truthteller says

    It’s amazing how foolish many of you are. Why do you bother responding at all to trolls like Rick? Seriously, how stupid you are. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  7. JeffNYC says

    Maybe Rick should have been taken away from his parents. Clearly they damaged him beyond repair.

  8. Rob says

    Trolls just want a reaction – please don’t give them one.

    Sounds like Russia is about to start issuing pink arm bands like the Nazis.