1. Rrhain says

    Nice, and this is just a nit, it would have been cool if they could have done it closer to the actual plots. F’rinstance, Snow White’s Queen should have been describing her beef with Snow, not Doc. “I married the king knowing full well that he had a daughter. She was beautiful, yes, but I was the apple of the king’s eye. But I guess she couldn’t handle having someone replace mommy because she started….”

  2. Zlick says

    Nope, the bit with the Evil Queen was perfect because it was riffing on the part of the original song that had to do with the guy having two wives. Well, the dwarf had six – so that’s how it fits better with the song, if not best with the story of Snow White.

    But who cares about that? How can I get more of those hunky deck of cards dudes?

  3. Rob agree says

    I agree, this would have been epic if the songs had been more tailored to the characters’ plots…

    And King of Spades is breaking my heart! Why no credits for them? :)

  4. mark says

    Why is it that no matter what others do gay men have to come in and pick it apart..its a creative piece, a great interpretation done by a a hugely creative about watching it and enjoying it for what it is and not criticizing it for what its not..never fails…every time.
    It was an amazing piece and I enjoyed all of it..great effort and it showed

  5. DARREN says very unfortunate and so very true..
    Gay men always somehow seem to think their 2 bits is required..
    What those critics fail to understand is that this is not an interpretation of the Disney characters telling their is a piece from “Chicago “..using Disney characters.
    Too often too many feel their “critiques” offer something..just shows ya watched it and missed it for what it actually was.

  6. bandanajack says

    i would have liked credits for the amazing dancers as well, over and above my favorite from season one of sytycd, blake mcgrath. he doesn’t seem to age. very good use of talent, but who were those dancers?

  7. Grant says

    thank you is so very true
    gay men always think their.opinion is required
    no matter what..
    guys this is a creative piece..why do feel its up to you to suggest don’t like and how it should have been done otherwise..
    kinda like..”mona lisa would have shown far more beauty if she had only shown a much bigger grin”

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