1. says

    An excellent ad, but not quite accurate. John Boehner shut down the government because he is afraid of the extreme right wing of his party — also known as the Tea Party. He’s afraid they will take his speakership away from him. We must understand that that gavel is way more important to Mr. Speaker than his country is. If he angers the Tea Partiers, they might take it away from him. We can’t have that!

  2. Tom says

    Its time for the GOP to do whats right and instead of putting their party as most important first, they need to put America in front for a change and end the madness, but I won’t hold my breath.

  3. jack says

    Terrible ad. Who would think that a kid in distress makes for a compelling case? There’s plenty of video of Boehner himself sobbing like a baby, why not use that?

    Utterly mystifying strategy…

  4. dixichuk says

    Don’t know who House Majority PAC is. But while I love the ad personally, certainly could backfire for people who are closer to the middle on this than I am. Or start a video competition for which the Republican PACs have waaaay more money.

  5. MickyFlip says

    I won’t lie. It’s actually a funny video. But I don’t think this should be aired on National TV for everyone to see. We should be getting back together and put this nation back on track. Regardless of sides and differences. This won’t certainly help by airing it.

  6. Frank says

    Ditch it? Why? It’s the truth. Are you afraid of insulting some republicans who are trying to subvert our constitutional form of government? Too bad.

  7. Craig says

    This won’t change anybody’s opinion of anything. The issue is too polarizing. Instead maybe a commercial that sells the benefits of ACA using respected professionals (not actors or politicians).

  8. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Comparing John Boehner to a big crybaby is cute, but showing actual Republicans as greedy, hateful hypocrates through their own real life statements would be a stronger arguement.

    No need to name-call when the facts speak for themselves.

  9. MIke says

    Do you know what Obama’s approval rating is now with Gallup? 41%
    When W Bush reached 39% the media declared him a corpse.

    And I’m sure the evil Republicans have ads too. Barbed wire around the Vietnam Memorial and World War 2 Memorials as “punishment” from Dear Leader should be a start. He’s such a piece of sht.

  10. Darren says

    Childish. How is running an ad like this going to lead to a political compromise and resolution? The Republicans could just as easily blame the Democrats for the government shut down. Time to GROW UP.

  11. FFS says

    For all you brain-trusts whose recollection of history is limited to the outfits Britney has worn during which performances . . .

    This is an homage to a political cartoon that was run in response to the last government shutdown in the 90s, which was a political disaster for the Republicans. Gingrich orchestrated the shutdown then, because Clinton made him ride in the back of Airforce 1. It was really applicable then, but it’s still applicable to Boehner.

    Google “newt gingrich crybaby” to see the picture. It pops right up.

  12. Mikey C. says

    Too polarizing, Craig… What country are you living in now!?! Maybe putting him and the Tea Party up for national ridicule will finally stop the insanity!

  13. JG says

    The Democrats are the most vicious. They got the wind knocked out of them and they are spooked. Obama’s response, like a rambling speech, is a TV commercial. Watch what happens.

  14. MichaelJ says

    I think the ad would be more effective if a little more information were provided, such as the fact that there are enough votes to in the House of Representatives to continue funding the budget without strings attached, as the Senate has done, but that Boehner won’t permit the House to vote on that.

  15. SeattleMike says

    If they’re trying to persuade the middle, this ad is a terrible idea. It’s just name-calling. There are far more effective ways to get the basic idea across, including using some Republican direct quotes.

  16. NwYrkr says

    Looks like a few right wing trolls have found their way to his site, or perhaps they are paid for their silly postings.
    Would I have done this ad ? No. But we deal in 30 second sound bytes these days and this may be an effective way to drive home the point that Boehner, The Tea partiers and those beholden to them are pieces of crap that are intent on circumventing our constitutional form of government by any means possible when they don’t get their way. The suicide caucus represents districts with population totaling 14 million and they are going to call the shots for 320 million when the districts represented by the suicide caucus, in all likelihood, take much more from Washington DC in Federal spending and benefits than they send to Washington in the form of tax revenues. They must be stopped.

  17. Concerned American says

    OBUMMER (HITLER) IS AT FAULT! If OBUMMER and his group of LIBERAL COMMUNIST HOOLIGANS would not have introduced this RIDICULOUS DAMAGING obummercare act we would not have to go thru a shutdown in the first place! Obummercare is just a way to harm this country and create even more destruction; there are also tons of other secret communist agenda within the healthcare act that have nothing to do with healthcare or insurance. Just ask Nancy Puke-losi, she said. “you have to pass the bill to see what’s in it”. How stupid, who in their right mind passes a bill before revealing everything that is in it!? I tell ya who does that, someone who is ashamed to tell us about all of the horrible things contained within this bill! Also, how much did it cost to have all those stupid government shutdown signs made up for all the places they’ve been displayed?? Signs that were evidently prepared before the shutdown because this regime actually wanted the shutdown all along. They wanted it so they could blame conservatives for everything!

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