Tea Party Disavows Rick Scarborough, Distances Itself from ‘Class Action Suit Against Homosexuality’

David Webb

We all knew that when Tea Party leader Rick Scarborough proposed a class action lawsuit against homosexuality he was off his nut, or at least off his meds. It would seem that David Webb of TeaParty365 (pictured), one of the original Tea Party founding groups, felt the same way as he issued a press release utterly disavowing Scarborough for his actions, distancing TeaParty365 and the Tea Party movement as a whole from his wingnuttery. The statement says, in part:

As one of the true founding Tea Party groups, TeaParty365 would like to take this opportunity to once again, and once-and-for-all, distance ourselves –and the larger Tea Party Movement– from the self-serving antics of Rick Scarborough, and his ilk. 

TeaParty365 does not support this idiotic notion [of suing homosexuality]. We feel it is counter-productive to the national conversation, and ultimately harmful to the Tea Party brand, and the country. 

One can only hope that this is the first symptom of the Tea Party cleansing itself of the insanity that has infected it since its inception.


  1. mike/ says

    these people have always been lurking out there. the Teaparty needs to also apologize & do something more than just using words for giving these people permission to come out of the woodwork, swamps, suburbs & enclaves……

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    I guess as a Liberal I’m supposed to against insane asylums. But there should be places to put people like Mr Scarborough… you know, for their own safety or whatever.

  3. says

    No, no, no.
    We don’t want the Tea Party ‘cleansing itself’.

    We ant them to continue their hate campaigns, their bigoted ramblings, their messianic delusions.
    We want to see their all white , all angry old men rallies; we want to see them for what they are.
    We want to hear about their great new policy ideas, like having a class action law suit against…..eh, gays or whatever.
    We want to see on behalf of what class such an action would be brought.
    We want to see the Koch Brothers as part of the class of Plaintiffs claiming they were ‘damaged’ by homosexuals getting equal rights.

    Oh no no no; don’t cleanse the Tea Party.
    We need them in 2016.
    Go Hillary.

  4. Francis #1 says

    Don’t worry, the Tea Party is still anti-gay. But Mr. Scarborough is a different level of crazy. The Tea Party wants to be seen as a relevant, mainstream group, so they had to condemn what that buffoon said.

  5. anon says

    People forget that the earliest tea party activity (around 2002) was in opposition to Republican party corruption (Jack Abramoff in particular), but when it came time to run primary election candidates they didn’t have anyone to run except for a bunch of nut jobs, like “I’m not a witch” Christine O’Donnell. It’s almost as if mainstream Republicans put all their trashy constituents in the movement for safe keeping.

  6. jleo71 says

    “One can only hope that this is the first symptom of the Tea Party cleansing itself of the insanity that has infected it since its inception.” ~
    Probably not. He only mentions that they want to distance themselves from the remark about suing homosexuality. Nothing more. Not from anti gay remarks in general.

  7. Marc says

    You know you are batsh*t crazy if the Tea Party says, “Woah, dude! No! Get away from us! People will think we’re together!”

    It’s so fun to watch crazy-on-crazy cat fights.

  8. Joseph Singer says

    “One can only hope that this is the first symptom of the Tea Party cleansing itself of the insanity that has infected it since its inception.”

    Ha! You wish. Tea Party has been screwed up from the outset and just their realizing that Scarborough is a loon does nothing to counter the idea that the Tea Party is a bunch of self-serving whackos.

  9. NY2.0 says

    Wait, who is David Webb fooling? Does David Webb realize that the Tea Party will readily accept someone like Rick Scarborough than a black man? The Tea party is both racist and homophobic. Mr Webb needs a reality check.

  10. Randy says

    This is really great, actually. Republicans and other conservatives are not used to thinking independantly. They prefer to be told what to think and do by a higher authority, whether it is a god, or a president, or someone else that claims to know all. And they follow in lock step because they want to be good little soldiers in the war.

    And now the Tea party and other conservatives do not have a leader they can all raly around. Hence all the disarray. No one is in charge, and peopel are forced to come up with their own cockamanie theories and ideas and whatnot.

    AFterall is said and done, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Once they realize they can think for themsevles, they won’t be good little soldiers anymore. Once you question authority, you find that you can question all authority.

    I am hoping that that means that they will question their religious leaders now. If they do, in the long run, they might actually become rational.

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