Vladimir Putin: Gay People are Welcome at Sochi Olympics


Reuters reports that Russian Vladimir Putin is trying to "defuse criticism" of Russia's anti-gay laws by making a statement to the new Olympic Committee president welcoming gays to Russia:

"We are doing everything, both the organizers and our athletes and fans, so that participants and guests feel comfortable in Sochi, regardless of nationality, race or sexual orientation" Putin told Thomas Bach, the head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), on Monday.

Of course, the Russian law banning 'gay propaganda' still stands.

LGBT activists plan to protest a US Olympic Team promotional event in Times Square tomorrow over anti-gay Russian laws and the Sochi Games, and activists plan to protest Coca-Cola headquarters today in Atlanta over its sponsorship of the Olympics and refusal to speak out against Russia.


  1. northalabama says

    “we are doing everything…so that participants and guests feel comfortable”

    uh…ok…i’er never heard of fines and jailtime providing comfort, but…yeah…

  2. Jeff says

    Putin, surrounded by “Yes Men” assumes we all buy his nonsense. We don’t nor should we buy any of the advertisers products supporting the Olympics. Coke, McDonalds, Panasonic, Samsung to name just a very few.

  3. disgusted american says

    Putin is working Overtime with that Botox/plastic surgery..he’s looking a like Jim Henson character from “The Dark Crystal” ..ohhh and FU Putin

  4. CPT_Doom says

    Yep, we’re welcome to attend the Hatelympics as long as our existence is hidden and our truth is never uttered. We can all be Aunt Mary Jonny Weir – wonderful.

  5. kdknyc says

    It’s like that movie “Mars Attacks!”, where the Martians all said “We come in peace” while decimating everything in sight.

    Someone should play some yodeling music to see if his head explodes.

  6. YsoSerious says

    Wow. He looks bloated and like a Muppet version of his former self. Sucks to be a closet case doing your best to kill your desires by killing actual Out gays. What a dickweed.

  7. Randy says

    Well, it’s nice that Putin is having to respond, but a response without action is nothing.

    I want see:
    * immediate repeal of the “propaganda” law
    * immediate repeal of the foreign adoption restrictions
    * immediate crackdown on people who use the internet to catfish gay youth and young adults, to then humiliate, beat, and/or rape them
    * immediate crackdown on violent anti-gay protest

  8. Bill says

    I still think they should put up a list of 20 questions regarding the law. For example,
    “Can a same-sex couple walk down the street holding hands and not be arrested?”

    They also need specific examples of what would get you arrested. If the examples thinks like handing out fliers for a circuit party to 7 year olds, that’s far different from handing out fliers asking people to sign a petition about job discrimination.

  9. Rob says

    The holocaust references above are grim but on target. I think LGBT people and allies should wear pink arm bands, the way Nazis made them do, first for identification and separation, then for extermination. It is a silent, jarring comparison and it bears witness to suffering nearby that was entirely similar in a similarly totalitarian state.

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