1. Moz's says

    god must have forgot to tell nature then because nature is pansexual with many examples of homosexual and bisexual activity amongst animals

    since god obviously forgot to send the memo to nature, he must be incompetent …….who needs a weak incompetent god

  2. Volt says

    Not only is there a BIG difference between nature and his so-called “God”, um, actually it is natural and found in species as simple as fruit flies… so… yeahhhh….

  3. Frank says

    I guess he’s delusional in ALL things. He has NO idea what his inseam is. It’s clear he’s buying trousers for a 6’2″ man. And who is Nature’s god? Is that a tree or mother nature or what?

  4. woodroad34 says

    He reminds me of those crazy old guys who had sandwich boards, long straggly beards and hair and walked the streets proclaiming “The End is Near!” What a Narcissistic‎ sociopath.

  5. BigBlackMariah says

    well, say what you will about him, he is sporting ONE HELL of a BIG FAT WOODY in those Khaki’s.

    Looks like the idea of homosexual marriage gets him BONED UP

  6. says

    I can’t believe he couldn’t find some closet case to stand with him and his sign. Maybe he’s too afraid to protest with people now because it’ll break out in an orgy. Wouldn’t that be hilarious, a bunch of ex-gays and 40somethings still living with their moms protesting outside the state house and the group and the rage takes over and turns into … sorry, I promised I’d stop writing ex-gay slashfic in Andy’s comments section.

  7. dommyluc says

    Hey, quit criticizing the guy. There are at least 500,000 of his supporters there “in spirit”.
    Just ask Maggie Gallagher – you know, that lovely woman who is constantly worried about everybody else’s sex lives while she herself couldn’t get laid in a Turkish prison.

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