1. oncemorewithfeeling says

    “Same-sex attraction” is hate speech which, if used, should always be in scare-quotes.

    It’s a term that was created by the “ex-gay” industry in order to erase the reality of sexual orientation, and, by extension, erase the reality that some people are gay, by reducing the fact of who someone is to something trivial and fleetig that you can choose to fix or, at least, ignore.

    Coco got it right by making fun of it. Everyone should. Please don’t give any validity to the hate speech of “same-sex attraction”.

  2. Bill says

    I have no problem with the phrase, “same sex attraction”, particularly if the attraction is in my general direction. “Praying away the gay” sort of works too – but the guy doing the praying has to get down on his knees and the “gay” goes away for a time interval known as the refractory period.

    OK, I’m feeling like a wise guy today!

  3. Luke says

    These voodoo type actions are very harm full to teen agers and no school should give them the light of day or access to there students . As to those Haitians , Cubans and West Africans who practice the religion of Vodou , I mean no disrespect.

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