Cubs Owner and NE Gubernatorial Candidate Pete Ricketts Unhappy the Team is So Pro-Gay

Chcago Cubs owner Pete Ricketts, a Nebraska Republican gubernatorial candidate who is running against Annette Dubas (an outspoken supporter of marriage equality), is under fire from a conservative opponent who is using the Cubs' sponsorship of LGBT pride as a tool to take him down.

RickettsRicketts agrees with conservatives and is trying to disavow himself of the team's position, blaming it on his sister Laura, an out lesbian who is also a Cubs co-owner.

The World-Herald reports:

For Ricketts, the fact that his sister — Laura Ricketts — is a key supporter of gay marriage hasn't changed his belief that marriage is meant for a man and a woman.
He not only opposes same-sex marriage, but he said he also opposes a longstanding decision by the Chicago Cubs to sponsor a gay pride parade in Chicago. The Ricketts family owns the baseball team.

The Cubs' connection to the parade raised objections from a fellow Republican candidate, who said Thursday it called into question Ricketts' gay-marriage opposition.
Republican Beau McCoy said that Ricketts should be held responsible for the fact that the Cubs are supportive of the gay community.

Ricketts said he had no involvement in that decision. He also said that despite some “difficult conversations” in his family, he and his sister remain family.
“My sister is gay. I love her, but I disagree with her on this issue,” said Ricketts, an Omaha businessman.


  1. HadenoughBS says

    This GOPer’s anti-gay homophobia must make for one uncomfortable Ricketts’ family gathering (not to mention Chicago Cubs board meetings). Kudos to sister Laura Ricketts for holding her ground against her brother’s hateful stance against her.

  2. bobbyjoe says

    Riddle Me This:

    Q.) How fast will it take a “family values” Rightwinger to betray a GLBT member of his or her own family for his own perceived success and profit?

    A.) Trick question. Chances are he or she has already done it.

    See, also: Gingrich, Newt; Cheney, Liz; Keyes, Alan; Schlafly, Phyllis; Bachmann, Michelle (her stepsister. Who did you think I meant?).

  3. Robert says

    PART OWNER! He is PART OWNER, not the full owner. The Ricketts family owns a large portion as a whole, he owns a share of that ownership, but they do not have full ownership. These articles really do need to be fact checked better.

  4. says

    It never ceases to amaze me how these Republicans can sell out their very own family members in their disgusting greed for power! This man is sick. I came out of the closet when I was 22 years old; and yes it was difficult for some in my family to accept at first. But in almost no time, every single one of them became fierce advocates for GL BT rights because they learned that their beloved son, brother, cousin, and whatever else I was to them deserved an equal amount of love, respect, and treatment as everyone else. And that’s the way all families should react when they learn that one of their own is gay. It makes me sick to my stomach to read things like this. Who does this man think he is to assign judgment on who his sister is? Only God can judge; and this man surely is not God.

  5. phil says

    I was very confused when you said he was “running against Annette Dubas (an outspoken supporter for gay marriage)” because that seemed so strange to me, that there would be an outspoken supporter for gay marriage in the Republican primary for Nebraska’s 2014 gubernatorial race.

    Ricketts is not running against Dubas. Dubas is running in the Democratic primary against Chuck Hassebrook. Don’t know how that’ll turn out. However, Ricketts mabye won’t be making it past the primaries considering the field of four or more other candidates in the Republican primary — and we all know how strange Republican primaries have been in the past several election cycles.

    Ultimately this is a moot point — whoever wins the Republican primary will with the Governor’s Mansion.

  6. says

    Laura Ricketts,who plays softball in the Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association,The largest gay sports organization in the Mid-west and she was inducted into the 2013 National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame. She also takes part in “Out at Wrigley Day” that is the longest running Gay event in MLB since 2000. The fact that the Cubs team is also located near Boystown, the Cubs advertised in the Gay newspaper and have contributed to the Chicago Gay Community Center on Halsted. Maybe someday the Republican party will realize being gay is more then sex,it’s a great community of people of all ages,and religions,that includes Republicans and Democrats as well as Independents. Cheers to Laura,the Cubs and the City of Chicago for being there for us and that is more then I can say about the Republican Party!

  7. Kevin says

    Sadly this happens on the Democratic side as well.
    Jon Tester might be on our side now but he was very vocal about the fact Obama supporting gay marriage hurting his chance to win reelection in Montana.
    Not a big deal other then his son being gay.

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