1. says

    personally, i don’t understand why every generation’s female pop stars are pitted against one another.

    why must it be “VS”, y’know? we don’t have fueds and VS BATTLES between billy joel, paul simon, david bowie, mick jagger, elton john, peter gabriel, phil collins, etc.

    and yet, it’s always Woman A VS Woman B. it’s ridiculous. there’s room enough for all!

    p.s. cyndi lauper would win, anyway 😉

  2. ds says

    who cares.. Will the real Stephanie Germanotta come out… The one who attended most expensive high school in NYC, the one who had free ride at NYU, the one who had recording contracts prior and they were cancelled because she didn’t have “it” factor. She was conceived and incubated by others… here “little monsters” don’t have anything in common with this little rich girl from the upper east side.

  3. Fenrox says

    Hijack! If you hate these terrible comments that undermine all efforts on this site, it’s time to complain to Andy directly! If you want to help FIX THIS, please email/tweet/FB Andy and ask him to upgrade these comments. At the very least lets get a post that starts a discussion on it!

  4. jeff says

    I’m not saying none of the criticisms against her aren’t valid, but she seems to get extra scrutiny just for the sake of it. She’s just a pop star, no matter how silly she acts, so relax with the hyperbolic take downs of the woman. It’s ridiculous.

  5. johnny says

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but, you can be PSYCHOLOGICALLY (that’s mentally, folks) addicted to ANYTHING.

    Pot is not physically addicting. Period. There are no physiological withdrawal symptoms from the cessation of using marijuana whatsoever.

  6. Jay says

    She’s right about marijuana addiction. It CAN be addictive — as can caffeine and a plethora of other substances. But let’s not ignore the fact that cannabis is less addictive than other drugs and even less addictive than nicotine and caffeine, but those are legal. AND, the long-term physiological effects of cannabis addiction are practically nil.

  7. says

    amen, Jeff. to the people who seem to have a vested interest in dislike lady gaga – what the heck have you done to empower millions of LGBT youth lately 😀

    you don’t have to listen to her music or like her. it’s just so odd that a bunch of grown men come on here to get all upset that millions of young LGBT (and straight but not narrow) people are enjoying her, feeling empowered, and are moved by what she does. why do you get all bent out of whack because someone you like inspires others?

    talk about a misplacement of energy…..

  8. Walt NYC says

    I heard the interview and performances on the Howard Stern Show and came away with a renewed respect for Gaga. She was open, honest, polite, and completely non-pretentious. She showed up an hour before the interview to do vocal exercises and when she sat down at the piano, her performances were powerful. There is absolutely no disputing her talent. I don’t understand the need that some people, particularly LGBT people, have to bash her. She seems pretty damned awesome to me.

  9. Paul R says

    I sometimes wonder if she ever sleeps.

    Of course pot can be addictive. Something doesn’t have to be physically addictive to have a strong hold on people. I’ve known people heavily addicted to ketamine, GHB, and other things that have no physical component to their use. I think nearly everyone has an addiction, it’s just that most are addicted to cleaning or fishing or exercise or something else that’s (usually) not damaging.

  10. Lars says

    @Little Kiwi: Of course there’s room for all of them. And most of them would readily admit that. But the truth is that there is one particular female artist from Bay City, Michigan, who imagines that she sits atop a throne and everyone else is out to knock her off.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Madonna is wicked smart. She makes fantastic music, and has completely mastered the publicity game. But therein lies the problem. Some people — artists included — care a lot more about music and don’t give a sh*t about any games/feuds/rivalries.

    The funniest part about this interview, to me, was when Lady Gaga told Howard that Madonna is probably most irked by the fact that Gaga doesn’t care if Madonna loves or hates her. One way to not win or lose at a game is to simply not play it.

  11. Dave says

    The Stern interview was fantastic, as was her first 2 hour interview with him about a year ago. All the pretentiousness of her image, and her sometimes awkward self-promotion, are non-existant in these extended sessions. And, of course, her talent is on full display when she bangs out a flawless performance on the piano. Stern is no pop music fan, but he practically gushes after these sessions.

  12. Poe says

    Memo to her rabid fans:

    She can sing well on a piano but NEWSFLASH – so can millions of other people. Singing well, at the end of the day, isn’t that big of an accomplishment.

  13. Jude says

    Lady Gaga is playing the game but she’s playing it badly.

    For example, she said in the Stern interview that she doesn’t think Express Yourself and Born This Way sound alike at all. Yet in the very beginning she said she sent it to Madonna and her camp and that they approved it. Madonna’s publicist denied right away that Madonna would have approved anything.

    That was the point when Lady Gaga changed her tune about Madonna. At the time she was still calling her the Queen but after that… no.

    I see through her Yay, she supports our rights but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s shady, even downright liar. If she was so above it all, she wouldn’t talk about it.

  14. greenfuzz says

    People sure throw the word “friend” around a lot these days. I have no feelings one way or the other about her but I wonder how close they were before the interview.

  15. Robert says

    The trolling here isn’t even GOOD this time. “So she can play the piano. So can a lot of people.” LOL. Yeah, like me. But I also can’t write pop songs. Most people can’t. Guess what, she can.

  16. jimbryant says

    Too much Lady Gaga on Towleroad, and it’s starting to damage Andy Towle’s credibility as a gay blogger.

    If Andy had at least criticized Lady Gaga’s collaboration with a homophobe and an accused sleazeball, he might have prevented the damage to his reputation.

  17. Alex N says

    Her brand of revisionism doesn’t shock me at all, but it certainly speaks volumes about pop music, the internet, and the illusory importance we give all of it. What will always distinguish Madonna is simply that she is of a bygone era when it genuinely counted if you managed to be heard. It gave you a cultural influence that is no longer easily definable. Obviously Andy Towle enjoys this pop singer’s antics, which bothers me only because generally I enjoy his website for its broad spectrum of coverage of matters pertaining to a wider gay collective, and Lady Gaga does not speak to me on any level…nor do I feel she should given that I am in my late 30s. Gay men, even very intelligent ones, sometimes have a version of arrested development we used to call Peter Pan syndrome, and relating to 27 year-old egomaniac, often mediocre, pop stars and admiring them for their “honesty” when they probably don’t even know themselves yet, no matter what pedestal they have been put on, seems like an underdevelopment of some form of intellect.

  18. Derek Washington says

    She’s annoying to me. The whole vs Madonna thing is ridiculous. Madonna has been around on top for longer than most have been alive in the pop princess world. She actually is culturally important. Somewhere along the line gg decided she could just copy then challenge. Do you know how many have tried and failed? I’m not a Madonna fetishist but I respect her and what she’s done when it was unheard of to support gay people. Remember her getting the first aids dancethon full media coverage? I lost respect for gg when she blatantly ripped off respect yourself and couldn’t admit it. I think she’s a fraud. My opinion.

  19. Glenn says

    I used to like Gaga. In spite of herself. Now, I don’t know — she’s like a parody of herself, which is already a parody of the ultimate popstar/icon/diva.

    And it’s not even about Madonna who I’m still fond of, surprisingly — despite so many missteps in the past few years.

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