1. sundayboy says

    Do what you want with my body? Can you EVER imagine Madge singing that? No. It kills the song for me. It’s like singing rape me but don’t think you’ll win my affection. Is she serious.

    It could be a bangin song but those lyrics make me wince.

    GAGA needs help with the lyrical side. Any gay guys monitoring that?

  2. dommyluc says

    She is such a phony. She’ll be a footnote in rock history, kind of like Robin Thicke, the Vanilla Ice of the new millennium.
    And it REALLY pisses me off that she thinks she’s some sort of “diva”, as though saying you are one makes you one. Honey, my ball sack is a bigger diva than you are. And a better singer. You should hear its version of “Wrecking Ball”.

  3. jimbryant says

    I don’t know why Andy Towle keeps giving Lady Gaga publicity. The articles are completely judgement-free. It’s as if Andy just wants to publicize her and not criticize her at all.

    Lady Gaga is going backward in my estimation, both as an artist and as a performer. She is deteriorating big time. Her vain attempt to appear as good as Madonna is lame-grade.

  4. QJ201 says


    Fool. Andy posts Gaga stories because they bring out the TROLLS, which generates web hits on the page for his advertisers.

    Silly trolls, you’re being played.

  5. jimbryant says

    Lady Gaga made the shocking choice to collaborate with the horrible R Kelly and the homophobic TI. She has lost any credibility she’s had. She has effectively lost a lot of her gay male fans.

  6. AriesMatt says

    I actually thought the performance (referring to her vocals and look – not analyzing the lyrics) of Do What You Want was top notch Gaga, but Venus came across discombobulated and unprofessional. Venus seems like a canned, blase track, imho.

    But GEEZ! The haters! If Gaga has set out to be polarizing with her new album, mission accomplished.

  7. Kieran says

    “…and, I guess the fodder of the competition, that’s just not what I’m about.”

    Um, the way she sabotaged the marketing of Christina Aguilera’s “Bionic” album begs to differ.

    I really liked Gaga, but she’s loosing me. And yes, her teaming up with R. Kelly, a child rapist??? It makes me think that her so called “convictions” are just hollow words she tries to capture a market. Actions speak louder.

  8. Dave says

    “Lost all her gay fans”
    “footnote in rock history . . like R. Thicke”
    “Unpredictable and unprofessional”

    These comments are a joke. Gaga is on her 4th album, has a legion of fans, including a ton of gay men that aren’t going anywhere. Why does Andy post? Because, unlike you delusional folks, he understands what the majority of his readers like. Also, its his damn site, and he can do what he wants :)

  9. tinkerbelle says

    OMG, didn’t (couldn’t, wouldn’t) watch the Venus video, but I could swear the still image was that of Bette Midler during the “Clams on the Halfshell Revue”. OK. That was like… 1975. I must have been but a wee thing. Bette blew Gaga out of the water even before Gaga was a mere whisp of some yet unconceived baby’s future obsession. I do love the punk-rocker comment. Hahaha. Ha.

  10. any says

    “Footnotes” don’t win 5 grammy awards within a span of five year. In my opinion ARTPOP is brilliant, bold, spastic, messy, beautiful, and unapologetic. Thank you haters for continuing to talk about her. Mission accomplished.

  11. Lazycrockett says

    I watched the entire show and she was the most annoying guest Ive ever seen on the GN show. Talked over everyone and constantly had to draw the attention to herself. Jude Law and the other dude were beyond annoyed with her by the end of the show.

  12. QJ201 says


    You are a troll if you post a negative comment on a story about someone you dislike. If you dislike her, skip reading it.

    A troll wastes their time letting every else know “you suck” or some other insult.

    But I was right, this page got lots of traffic from trolls wasting time posting insults.

  13. Bobby Lopez says

    I love GAGA, if she’s not for you then skip these posts.. I love her. Posting negativity won’t stop those who have already made up their mind about her…

  14. Knock says

    1. A troll is someone who says something they don’t necessarily believe just to provoke people. Disliking something, even to the point of maliciousness, does not make you a troll.

    2. If you insist on only positive comments, be consistent: post positive comments about Russia’s anti-gay laws, Christian lunatics, conservatives, gay bashings, etc. No? Didn’t think so.

  15. Joe De Hoyos says

    I’m not a big Lady Gaga fan, but I do agree with ARIESMATT. For the first time since Paparazzi I actually want to buy that single.
    Really, SUNDAYBOY? You don’t think Madonna ever sang anything ridiculous? Where Life Begins is as banal as it gets.

  16. says

    Robin Thicke is not the new Vanilla Ice. Dude, the Thickster has been making music for years. Nice, good, soulful music. Just ’cause “Blurred Lines” was a massive hit that smelled a little sell-out-y it doesn’t mean he didn’t earn his fans or that he shouldn’t have made new ones.

  17. Markt says

    As has been noted by commentators here before, Towleroad has attracted trolls that post solely to be devisive and destructive. I can’t believe that the negative comments about these performances are actually legitimate. It’s sad because for a long time I appreciated the comments on Towleroad. Isn’t there anything that can be done?

  18. Crystal says

    Gaga has come out with some pop hits easy to stomp your feet to, which is the main point of pop music after all, but I do not consider her to be a creative genius or someone who will eventually get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Let’s face it you need more than a few catchy songs and an outrageous wardrobe to go down in history. Doing something for shock value is not the same thing as saying something significant.

    She’s always seemed fake and forced to me and the fact that while on the GN show she constantly had to turn the conversation to her proves that she is little more than self-centered, self-serving and delusional. The other guests were themselves annoyed as well they should be since they barely got a word in!

    This new album of hers is not that great, much like her last one, and I am still waiting for that penultimate moment when she does something truly artistically resonating that doesn’t involve being butt naked or talking about sex! I’m also waiting for that moment when she plans to “revolutionize pop music.” She said that was a goal of hers back in 2009 if memory serves and I have yet to hear anything revolutionary come from her. Sex, drugs, the gay bandwagon, and fame are all she talks about and all have been done well before her! She needs to disappear before she embarrasses herself much more!

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