1. DW says

    He is a cutie and I hope he gets his wish. But I never understand why people credit “God” with saving them from an awful thing while “He” allowed an almost-as-awful thing to happen. (Praise Jesus, my trailer got flattened but my poodle survived!) Why didn’t “God” just prevent the accident to begin with?

  2. Tyler says

    So it seems that Rick has posted under Derrick and MateoM’s usernames. We all know that those posters would never actually say such terrible things. Only Rick and his aliases would. Transparent troll is transparent and so obvious. Get a life, Rick/Adam/Asam/Kev C. He hates being called out.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    @ TYLER,

    LOL, yes, that fool has gone crazy this afternoon. He claims he doesn’t drink, but I think when Rick becomes David Hagatha Hearne–he does…a lot.

    LOL @ “It’s true I love white men best…”

    Oh, really. Well, if you aint Senator Harry Reid you don’t stand a chance with me, motha’ f.cka’.

  4. YSOSERIOUS says

    I live in Portland. I had to resort to FACEBOOK to find my husband. Thank goodness he wanted to leave his home state and move here. I see loads of perfectly nice guys who have a hard time (straight and gay) to find someone appropriate.

    I really am hoping a great guy comes along.

  5. anon says

    His statement is so loopy I’m guessing he did receive a bump on the head after all. Hopefully he’ll fully recover and not wait for divine intervention to get a boyfriend.

  6. gordon says

    I saw this on my local Boise, ID news where they showed his head and hand wounds. He missed death by an inch! They must have edited out the reference to his desire for a boyfriend. Too bad, he sounded nice and he is a handsome fellow. Just because one believes in God does not make one bad person, that was so MEAN!!

  7. redball says

    i am SO MAD at Bear Aspirin for “‘Final Destination 2′ realness”!


    I saw those movies ages ago (and loved ’em!) but I would never have been able to recall that. HOW DID YOU DO THAT?

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