1. Mike says

    Guess that that is to differentiate between “business partner” and “life partner “. Apparently we must not step on straight people’s toes EVEN though some continue to trample on us . . . Another advantage to marriage?

  2. jamal49 says

    Lighten up. The lady is old school. “Life partner” is how she rolls. Please remember that Ms. O’Shaugnessy and Ms. Ride could not legally marry. And, oh, by the way, most of us LGBT people might want to get married but also we want society to get the f*ck off our backs and out of our private lives.

  3. Greggdw says

    I was first disappointed that there wasn’t a clip of Walter Naegle. Then, I was disappointed by the closet justifications by O’Shaugnessy. . . only to take a step back & think that if I’d died a year ago, my obituary would have probably listed my Husband as ” Life Partner” or something to that effect. The terms are generational. . . .What sent me from disappointment to anger was doing a search for the ceremony and ending up on the Indy Times, which had deleted any reference of Rustin, Naegel, Ride or O’Shaugnessy from the article and even the photo gallery of the event. . .like they weren’t even there. . .Almost as bad as the NYT calling Naegel an “adopted son” and “assistant” in his obituary.

  4. oncemorewithfeeling says

    This woman gets to identify herself or live her life in absolutely any way she sees fit and she doesn’t have to clear it with you first.

    The idea that Ride or Rustin are currently “closeted” or that their loved ones have lived their lives incorrectly or have anything to answer for is absurd. The existence of these heroes being erased from any record is an actual problem and any venom that gay men would idiotically direct at LGBT people who have actually accomplished something with their lives is better directed at those who would try to pretend those people didn’t exist.

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