1. BETTY says

    GIANFRANCO: “humorless liberals”! Gotta make a dig at liberals! Can’t take one day off from the us verses them mentality of the GOP?

  2. Stephen says

    Daniel Tosh is funny as hell. Those of you that do not understand his humor must live INCREDIBLY boring, lonely lives. Lighten up you old bitter queens.

  3. northalabama says

    haven’t laughed at much tosh has done in a while. this was a nice change, thanks for sharing!

  4. David FromCanada says

    I wasn’t able to watch the video (unavailable….) but from the looks of the video, he should call himself Daniel Tush.

  5. Stewart says

    Meh. Another gay parody loaded with tacky sexual references. They could have written this sketch during a bowel movement. Daniel Tosh is the luckiest comedian alive. He’s so used to a laugh track he doesn’t know what to do with a real audience.

  6. Enchantra says

    This was mildly amusing, which was a surprise given that Tosh is generally unbearably dull. Now before someone calls me a bitter old queen (again) I want you to reach back in your memory to the Wayans brothers doing Lin Living Color. Honestly answer this: Has Tosh EVER made you laugh hard and outloud like they did? Has Tosh EVER made you want to grab the phone and call your friend Fronicious to see if she was watching? No.