Oklahoma Man: Walmart Kicked Me Out for Being Gay

Pacheco and boyfriend

A Chickasha, Oklahoma man was doing some late-night shopping at his local Walmart with his boyfriend when a curious janitor stopped him to ask questions about homosexuality.

The man, Jonathan Pacheco, engaged with the Walmart employee but realized that things were going south when the janitor said that in his Bible, "it is Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve," that theologically-sound argument against the sins of homosexuality.

The unnamed employee then told Pacheco that he wasn't allowed in his store and told him to leave.
Pacheco laughed the incident off after reporting the incident to two different store managers, but was concerned that neither took down any information.

Said Pacheco to The Express-Star,
"I feel like I can't go anywhere now. Out of all the stores I go to, Walmart is the one that is prejudiced against someone's sexual orientation. I mean, come on." 

The paper added:

Spokesperson for Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Kayla Whaling confirmed the company is investigating the incident.

"We are still in the process of talking to all who were involved," she said. "As soon as we are finished we will take the appropriate measures."


  1. Rick says

    So an overweight, minority attention queen groping his boyfriend in public was asked to leave. I don’t see why this story is of any importance. He was making a spectacle of himself and it made people uncomfortable, so he was asked to leave. Some people just don’t seem to comprehend that the majority of Americans are against displays of homosexual affection. Of course Walmart would try to put a female representative on the case as though it makes it seem as though they care, when in actuality they were sticking up for the majority of customers (mostly women) by removing this guy from the store. Leave it to the liberal queens to make a mountain out of a molehill by getting uppity about an act that causes a very rational discomfort in most people.

  2. northalabama says

    hey, even i’ve been known to cross the street when leaving target, to pick up a few things.

    glad this story made the paper and tlrd. it doesn’t seem the store managers cared, maybe next time they’ll at least pretend to be supportive of customers.

  3. renovato says

    Rick – You really need to get your head up your a*** at least then you will be minding your own business. Everyone can then rest easy because YOU cant see what other people are doing,which is not your concern. How about respecting people who are not like you, and if other people did the same America would be a more harmonious place.
    If a guy is holding his girlfriends hand or has his arm around her its really none of your business same if its his boyfriend, husband, none of your business, keep your nose out of other people relationships. If he has his hand on your butt and you dont like it, then is the time to get upset otherwise mind your business;thats how civilised people get along.

  4. patrick says

    as usual, we have not been given any background on this story, so as to make any coherent sense of the situation.

  5. Onnyjay says

    One more dandy reason to stay the hell away from ChinaMart. They’re leeches of the worst kind, as well as haters. “Nuff said.

  6. E says

    Unfortunately I work part time at Walmart. It is a terrible place to work, however….. my store, as well as the company as a whole, has always been very very open about sexual orientation, race, gender, etc. This is just from my own experience of course.

    I almost hate to defend Walmart, but I find this story hard to believe.

  7. David in the O.C. says

    Ummm… Walmart didn’t kick them out at all. A janitor made a stupid comment. That’s it. Now if the janitor got security to kick them out because of their sexual orientation, that would be a different story. But that didn’t happen… AND Walmart is investigating the incident right now. So basically this is a non-story.

  8. Roger says

    @Patrick: What’s missing, as I read The Express Star report, is the security guard’s side of the story. However Walmart prohibits its employees from addressing the media. So, we know what we know until Walmart spinmeisters finish telling the guard’s tale to him.

  9. Brandon says

    Interesting; the WalMart in this neighborhood is a hotbed for gaysex hookups – its bathroom is always being posted about on Craigslist and not mentioning any names but I know some people who’ve met up for hot car sex in its massive parking lot after dark – parking cars between all the overnight semi’s and box vans.

  10. northalabama says

    “employee then told Pacheco that he wasn’t allowed in his store and told him to leave” = kicked out

  11. BlahBlahBlah says

    First, I knew that comment was from Rick the minute I read it. Do you have anything else to do but spend your time commenting and being an ass? Get a life.
    Second, I think the headline was a bit misleading (sensational). It doesnt appear they were “kicked out” of Wal Mart. They were apparently asked to leave by a janitor who didnt have the authority to kick them out as evidenced by the fact that they apparently kept shopping and told a manager. I am in no way condoning the janitor’s bigoted remarks and believe he should be fired but this isnt quite the story it was made out to be.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    @”…it is Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,”

    I’ve always wondered what Steve looked like. Was he Black or was he White…or was he some sexy Palestinian with thick juicy lips?

  13. will says

    If a minimum-wage park attendant at Disneyland makes a homophobic comment do I get to blame the entire company?

  14. UFFDA says

    No, I don’t. I mean Rick doesn’t. When are you guys going to learn that I, RickUFFDAJason have no life and if I can’t come on here every day to anonymously spew my nonsense, I’d be forced to finally off myself?

  15. JackFknTwist says

    Troll Rick, your comments are so dumb they make me laugh.

    I would love if some ‘janitor’ or anyone else asked me about my sexuality. There is only one answer…….and it’s not a yes or a no.

    And it was Cain and Able who were quarreling about their incestuous relationship …….or were they both hooking up with Steve and that caused the quarrel ?

  16. Tessie Tura says

    As a gay associate in a rural Alabama Walmart, I find this story hard to believe. I am sure that management will deal with the broom pusher. Did this person expect the manager to call maintenance to the front and flog them publicly?

    Walmart’s policy concerning sexual orientation is pretty “liberal” and has been for at least the seven years I have been there. I have never been discriminated against or made to feel uncomfortable or unwanted.

  17. Mike says

    A real life Cartman! He laughs the incident off and when people say “Hey make some money” he suddenly is too mentally anguished to leave the house. Oh I’m weeping!

    I shop at Walmart. Sometime run in at 1am to pick up something. And any janitor wanting to chat would get a “Don’t talk to me” like they would from 99% of the population.

  18. Craig says

    This shows why we need a PANDA now, that is a Public Accommodations Non Discrimination Act. Get on it Congress.

  19. PDX_Guy says

    Well Target will gladly take your gay dollars, then spend them supporting anti-equality candidates when they think you aren’t looking. So which is worse?

  20. whitneyisadude says

    Why would anyone go into a wal mart? It’s worse than the DMV–that place is for the dregs in the bottom of the gene pool. That’s mistake #1. Mistake #2 is stopping to talk to a mop guy about your sexuality.

  21. Rick says

    OK you guys – you got me. I troll because i’m jealous of guys like him who don’t hide in a closet and have the courage to not conceal their face behind a monitor. I’m also jealous that he has a boyfriend while I resort to an old tube sock and a bottle of Jergen’s. Now i’m going to go steal my mom’s vibrator, so I can relive my fantasy of sleeping with my dad.

  22. Bellah says

    that’s what you get for shopping at effing walmart. why should anyone care about you and your “rights” when by you dollars being spent in a location that keeps it s employees in poverty.

  23. Andrew says

    Our reply to the ‘It’s Adam and Eve’ agrument, ” Please stop promoting incest to your children!”

  24. FFS says

    Why is my generation so stupid? If these kids knew anything about anything, they’d never set foot in Walmart to start with.

  25. Michael says

    This story does not make sense at all. A janitor tells a customer to leave “his” store and management doesn’t care?

    There’s a lot more to this.

  26. j says

    stay the hell out of walmart – do your little part –
    who the f shops there? get a clue –
    the few times i have gone into a walmart it’s so depressing – the causalities of capitalist amerika praying in the temple of more stuff
    truly a sad and gross place – and their politics add to the whole mess – these folks are funding hard right politicians –
    the waltons are also anti union and pay their folks too little – besides keeping them under 40 hours a week – horrible folks
    the five children of sam w have a combined wealth equal to the botton 60% of the whole US population
    why contribute to this? there must be other places you can shop

  27. Sean says

    j have you been to chickasha oklahoma? There are not a lot of choices, walmart has pretty much run everybody else out of business in these towns. Is there likely more to this…oh yeah.

  28. CJ says

    I happen to personally know the gentlemen in question – and the janitor – and I can see this exact situation happening. These gentlemen are some of the kindest, sweetest guys I know. I cannot see them publicizing their personal lives for gain. The amount of discrimination that happens in this small town is ridiculously abundant. This town still functions as irreverent monument to the 1950’s. You don’t hold hands with someone of the same sex in public, black and white don’t mix – especially after dark, and lordy help you if you don’t attend one of the 60 some odd churches, event in a token way. (Seriously – there is still a commonly referred to “black” side of town. I haven’t heard anything about the “gay” section, but I’m sure it is forthcoming.) This janitor is mostly a nice man, but he is very lonely, and older, so he talks to anyone who will listen, but still has some older world ideals. As happens with those socially isolated and living in small towns not current with world values, he sometimes shoots his mouth off. Not condoning it, mind you. Regardless, the real problem is the store management. The literally don’t give a crap about anyone. They discriminate as much as they can get away with it (gays, racially, disabled, veterans, anyone who is DIFFERENT). It is utterly ridiculous. But, having very few options in this town for shopping or employment, what are folks to do to protest? Trust me, my minute $$ in the bucket (if I show elsewhere) or out of the bucket, I guess, will make little to no impact. I hope if nothing else, this improves the quality of life in Chickasha.

  29. John says

    This is why gay men get a bad rap…. for not decking that janitor in the face. If that had happened, I’m sure this wouldn’t be an issue. Come on, gay guys in OK, grow some! Don’t let anyone push you around.