1. Andrea says

    The Court also said that the word ‘Marriage’ in the Constitution includes same-sex marriage. Now there’s a problem: is it unconstitutional prohibiting marriage to same-sex couples? If the federal Parliament won’t legislate a trial can answer that question.

  2. MaryM says

    Australia is a bunch of disgusting savages and a giant dump of a country. We need to boycott everything Australian to teach those pigs a thing or two.

    Oh wait, I forgot it’s a white country, never mind.

  3. woody says

    OK, High Court, you say marriage equality is an issue for parliament, not the judiciary.
    But the Australian parliament is dysfunctional. Labor members may vote for or against marriage equality, but Liberal (ironically, this is the republican party in australia) members “must” vote against it as that’s the party’s and its leader Tony Abbott’s position.
    If all members were allowed to vote as they wish marriage equality would be legal in Australia.
    These are exactly the sorts of situations where a judiciary must step in to protect the rights of individual Australians who are being denied equal treatment.

  4. Dave. says

    um before you rush to call australia a horrible backward bigoted country (which it is) you have to remember that USA isn’t fully equal either…….you don’t have gay marriage in America yet…..its 2013..nearly 14 and still not even half the states in America have gay marriage.

  5. Dave. says

    and Kylie Minogue is basically English now anyway so i don’t have to stop listening to her do i ?

  6. anon says

    Politically, ACT provided political cover for parliament to avoid gay marriage. Now they’ll be forced to vote one way or the other.

  7. Tyler says

    Wow, Rick the troll brought out three of his aliases (MaryM, Asam and Litper) out to play in this comment thread. Somebody’s desperate for attention today. It’s been well established that these three are known aliases of our resident troll. Don’t you wish he’s just go away and take all of his other “people” with him?

  8. Rob Wilson says

    Being gay, I agree Oz needs to pass this legislation through Federal Parliament very quickly. Remember too that all America has yet to make same sex marriage a Federal law- it’s still moving state by state.
    As for Australia being white- well happily we ceased to be white a long time ago. We are just as multi-cultural as America.
    Like other countries we have religious bigots and homophobes but the majority don’t think that way, anymore than the majority of Americans are rednecks. To make that assumption would also be both inaccurate and unfair.
    As an Australian I think I know something about my own country.

  9. Jasmine says

    Ok so I dont know everything about this because im not a fan on news stuff nor am I lgbt BUT im disgusted in the fact that people were married and now can even say they are. Ive started a facebook page to change this thing. Just move to act and already wanna walk upto that high court and paint it rainbow.
    as for Australia being white HAHA u can walk anywere without seeing Muslims or Asians or every other race. There is probably more of them than us whites but who cares we r all Australian and thats the only thing that matters.

  10. Rob Wilson says

    Jasmine, you are perfectly correct to be disgusted by the fact that people were married and then had it taken away. I agree with that entirely. As I said previously this needs to ” pass through Federal Parliament very quickly” to fix this terrible situation.
    As for comment “u can walk anywere without seeing Muslims or Asians or every other race”- I can only conclude we move in different areas because I see people from many races all the time and that makes Australia a very multicultural country.
    There are a number of mono-cultural countries not far from Australia and they don’t welcome other races or creeds.
    As for first comment “Ok so I dont know everything about this because im not a fan on news stuff nor am I lgbt”- well you’re one up on me as I don’t know everything. Unlike you I am still learning and evolving my opinions.
    As for painting the High Court “rainbow”- they are interpreting the law as devised by the Parliament. In other words it’s the Parliament that must change an unjust law.

  11. trg says

    Stop hating on Australia. Midnight Oil? Are you serious? One of the most liberal guys and so outspoken has been asked to run for office. Aussie Bum? Not pro-gay? C’mon.

    A friend of mine went to Australia for Mardi Gras and was shocked at how accepting and friendly the STRAIGHT guys were. They go to the gay bars, they hang out, and yes, they’re really straight – he met plenty of them in non-gay bars. He also told me Aussies love American accents – and that certainly worked to his advantage. The people of Australia obviously have a different opinion about marriage, but give me a break.

    And the same thing has happened already here, in CA. Remember? Two of my friends were among those first married in CA, then had that marriage negated, then the negation was reversed.

    It’s going to take a little time. Keep the outrage coming, that will help. But sheesh. Have some patience. I have no doubt the right thing will happen.

  12. Thomas says

    What’s really great about this is that it shakes the trees. What kind of society does Australia want? Canada, New Zealand, UK, France have done so.

  13. andrew says

    Australia is a wonderful country. This is just one of the growing pains they are experiencing in their efforts to make Australia a better nation. One that affords equality for all their people.

  14. Ian says

    RE: Andrew

    And as another poster stated, Americans are hardly in a place to get on a high horse on the subject.

  15. Steve says

    What a shame, the world is waiting for the thinking people of Australia to pull ahead of the vile buffoons.