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    You all are so dumb that you don’t even know that as you attack O’Reilly you are for the most part agreeing with him.

    This all started as a throw away line done tongue in cheek by Megyn Kelly. It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal but then starting with Media Matters, a bunch of left wingers made a huge deal out of the fact that Kelly suggested both Santa and Jesus was white.

    O’Reilly only addressed this after the media firestorm which went on for more than five days.

    He agrees with most of you who assert that this is much ado about nothing, but he also stipulates that Megyn Kelly was technically right about Santa.

    One of you called this Faux News, no doubt meant to mock Fox News, not realizing that it wasn’t FNC, but the left wing media that turned these comments into a media firestorm.

    In fact, this is as O’Reilly said an issue of race always being potentially explosive and FNC being a big target.

    In this case, because Megyn Kelly stated on Jay Leno that she’s straight news, the left wingers were determined to do anything to marginalize that statement, and this was the first salvo.

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    It’s called Faux News because they say ridiculous things like this on air. Saint Nicholas came from an area that is now Turkey. Jesus was born in the Middle East. Neither was white. It wasn’t tongue-in-cheek: watch the original video. Faux News makes declarations; it does not report news. The proof is in their charter: they are an ‘entertainment’ company.

  3. johnny says

    Don’t feed the rabid Right trolls, Raybob. They love trolling gay sites.

    It’s just typical idiocy from some right-wing vapid blond who says something stupid in all seriousness and then tries to backtrack it. Then her buddies come to her defense making themselves look equally stupid.

    Watch the tape, there’s not a hint of humor in her voice when she makes the statement, not ONE HINT. Case closed.

  4. anon says

    This tends to come down to a semantical argument over what “white” means, but in reality the argument is whether or not Santa Claus “needs” to be literally white. BO is saying SC “needs” to be white. A dark skinned SC would be “unacceptable” in his view. Of course, SC does not need to be white. SC was traditionally represented in Europe as just another jolly fat white guy, but this is colloquial and provincial happenstance. There’s nothing about SC that requires he be white. His overall character would not change.

  5. clint says

    St. Nicholas was an upper crust Greek in a prosperous Greek port town in Asia Minor BEFORE it was Turkey, Turkish, Muslim, Arab-conquered, or any such thing. He was most assuredly white with a hint of olive in complexion. Santa Claus, on the other hand, is a fictional figure, made white by advertisers and the like, invented and re-invented time and time again. Jesus was Semitic and likely looked like someone the Faux news crowd would suspect as a terrorist and frisk at airport security.

  6. jakeinlove says


    Uh no. There was no tongue-in-cheek value to her statement. She said it sincerely. She said it seriously.

    And while I could ignore her ignorance because neither figure mentioned in her original statement matter as far as their physical appearance. I have to say O’Reilly coming to her defense on such a irrelevant matter should be quite embarrassing to him. It’s a fictional character. A) It doesn’t matter B) because he’s a fictional character he didn’t and doesn’t really exist.

    What’s next? A dissertation on Pokemon characters?

  7. Carlie says


    Where to begin?

    First, this was no throwaway done tongue-in-cheek. Everyone had seen the video, and most can comprehend things that happen in front of us.

    Second, Kelly is not technically right. Nikolaos of Myra was a Greco-Turk and DNA analysis indicates that he was brown, not white.

    Third, the media firestorm is not the issue–the white supremacy in her statement is. The claim to fact about a fictional character (Santa Claus) is.

    Fourth, a straight news journalist doesn’t claim to have led a story with a joke, nor does she hold a debate on an essay without inviting its author.

  8. StevyD says

    Yes and the real St. Nickolas never sat in the middle of a shopping mall and told little children that there would be toys under the Christmas tree, or wore a red suit with white fur trimmings, or had a sleigh pulled by reindeer. Cultural icons are always amended to fit the needs of the current generation so they stay relevant or in America, commercial. What’s the big deal.

  9. Jaker says

    she’s right about santa, laughably wrong about jebus. it was the outraged and angry tone she took about both of them, the angry persecuted white person outraged in a segment over a minor article, designed to stoke the fires of the “war on xmas”, which now has an added explosive and touchy racial angle to it

    i dont see the big deal in feeling butthurt that santa is white, nor do i see the big deal in angrily defending a white santa. but when santa is cast for a commercial, it’s gonna be a white person, bfd. should we have latino and asian santas too? the colorblind recasting of characters like santa (and heimdall “the white god” in thor) is awkward and stupid. and why are latinos and asians always cut out of this obvious and shallow patronizing? where are their santas? santa came from white culture, get over it. it shouldn’t be psychologically damaging for black children but getting panties in a bunch on either side is dumb.

    that said, i look forward with glee with popcorn in hand to the guaranteed proliferation of black santas next year, giving new life to racial tension in general and added grievance in tge xmas wars. merry blackmas!

  10. Jaker says

    @ted. kelly is clearly not “straight news”, she has an opinionated pundit show, and she should be called on her obvious fronting. she’s no victim here, but it’s nice to see her earn her “persecuted conservative” stripes on “faux news”. yes it is faux news. her foot stamping segment on black santa shows that.

  11. Trolleroad says

    Andy Towle is textbook example of ashamed, cowardly, liberal white guilt I have ever encountered. What is this, the 9th article he’s posted about this topic? Sounds like someone is biffs with Aisha Harris or whatever her name is.

  12. james st. james says

    “Santa Claus” is an early Victorian example of the commercialization of the holiday. Gift giving traditions are so important to the economy that the holiday season sales represent the single biggest sales time of the year.

    So, of course, Santa is white just as Victorian England was white. And, one of the oldest and most successful marketing campaigns in history.

    The whole “Saint Nicholas” schmaltz was just added on to try and give it a religious overtone.

  13. Tom says

    The kind of racism pushed by Faux News’ personalities is there for a reason. It’s like the pickpockets’ trick. They have one crook bump into the victim, and the other crook takes the wallet of the distracted victim. Racism is the criminal bumping into middle class Americans while the rich crooks rob us blind.

  14. james st. james says

    Tom, well stated. It is the same principle of the Republican Party.

    Distract dumb voters with social issues, anti-gay, anti-black, anti-welfare, etc. and then pass legislation that allows wealthy people to pay little or no taxes (for example, the Romneys, who almost got to the White House). Start trillion dollar wars AND at the same time reduce taxes for the rich, robbing the middle class.

    It’s quite a trick. Let’s hope they wore it out.

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