1. borut says

    If that’s the wording of the law, I don’t see how it could be used to punish people for having gay sex. We now know that same-sex intercourse is widespread in nature, thus totally in line with the order of nature.

  2. says

    ‘Hope you’re enjoying 1860.’

    Take a clue from the UK, India. Ya. The same UK that pressed those sodomy laws onto India during colonization. The Queen just issued a state apology to one of the UK’s greatest WWII heros for destroying his life under those same laws.

  3. terry says

    Khan is more popular in India than Tom Cruise is in the US. He is also far more intelligent. His work against female feticide and child sex crimes have been the greatest thing in India since independence. I wish the US had media icons with half this man’s compassion.

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