1. jason smets says

    Towleroad has become a mass of corporate promotion. I personally don’t believe that Towleroad is serving the best interests of the gay community.

  2. ian says

    I have fond memories of going to the drive-in as a kid/teen in the 70’s and enjoying those cheesy Godzilla movies. Ridiculous, but fun. The trailer makes this version look pretty good, but often trailers are better than the film as we know. I’m glad too, they’ve foregone the Bwaah…Bwaah “Inception” style soundtrack

  3. jarago says

    The director made the interesting “Monsters” in which he created all the fx. This looks both serious and spectacular.

  4. David From Canada says

    Another Godzilla movie?! The last one in the 1990’s, starring Matthew Broderick, was a bomb.
    This clip looks somewhat entertaining, but who are the stars in it? Give us more information.
    I’m simply surprised that they’re doing old Fire-Mouth all over again.

  5. Chip says

    The Matthew Broderick iteration will always hold a special place in my heart, but this looks thrilling.

  6. matt says

    I personally believe that Jason Smets is pretentious as hell and for somebody that dislikes the site, he sure took time to type it into his url and then comment on it. Nobody forced you to come here you tool. And until there is a poll, you don’t get to say what does or doesn’t serve the best interests of the gay community.

  7. MickyFlip says

    Finally! Something that can match up to the original Gojira film. Now this I’m definitely looking forward to.

  8. UFFDA says

    Crushed trains, smashed buildings, squished people, New York in smitherines – I can’t get enough. This looks entertaining all right. So much better than meaningful dialogue.

    Suggestion: make it happen in Toronto with a close-up of Kiwi’s expanded mouth as he falls on it with shattering teeth that explode like grenades. Comic relief and yet somehow very real.

  9. Robert says

    FYI, this new Godzilla will be set in San Francisco. It never made any sense why Godzilla was all the way in New York when Japan is closer to the West coast.

    And we have to remember that this is a blog, not a website. Andy and his editors can post whatever they want.

  10. Daniel says

    Frankly, I like my Godzilla to have a bit of a Pokemon quality to it. Namely, it should have a heart, take out the bad guys, and can blow some kinda nuclear beam from its mouth (that is pretty much a Kamehameha). Ahh… those are the good old days.

  11. Traje says

    The Devlin/Emerich movie was unworthy of the name (hence why Toho christened the new monster “Zilla” – because they took the ‘god’ out). This movie looks like it will be taking itself seriously (like the original ‘Gojira’) which makes a nice change from the cheesiness that dominates Toho’s efforts. I really hope it works.

  12. DannyEastVillage says

    I like a good monster-thriller as much as anybody. But, really, we’ve got real monsters threatening to destroy our country in the Republican party, the NSA, the Pentagon – in short, in the persons doing their darndest to assemble a corporatist-paramilitary fascist state. I’d really like it if film-makers would turn their lenses on Washington where the destruction is really taking place.

  13. David Drom Canada says

    The False Little Kiwi is making his presence known again. The real one is a gentleman. But this one – un-oh!

  14. Matt says

    If there is going to be yet another Godzilla movie it seems like it should bring something fresh to the whole affair.
    I didn’t see it here.
    Try harder, Godzilla!

  15. Bill says

    The first one – the original Japanese version – is probably the best of the lot but the scenes that made it a decent movie were cut from the American version and replaced with drivel.

  16. tinkerbelle says

    Gee, I thought the Matthew Broderick version was fine, I’ve watched it several times, and although not “outstanding” it holds its own.

  17. tinkerbelle says

    Yeah, I’ll see this one. Then again, I’ll watch anything once, except films with Leonardo Dicaprio and James Franco, who make me squirm and not with pleasure.

    Is Godzilla now 2 times the size that she was in the 1998 version?