1. woodroad34 says

    Sebastian La Cause has quite the acting resume. I actually thought he was a porn actor trying to legitimize himself. I don’t think it need to be mentioned, he’s also quite the cutie-patootie.

  2. Mike says

    This show is crazy addictive. The first two seasons were excellent, way better than any other web series I’ve seen. I didn’t realize that season 3 would be the final season though, which is disappointing. Savor it everyone, it’s looks just as great as the first two seasons.

  3. Sam says

    Heard about it a while back. Until now, decided to binge watch. Wow!…I’m totally addicted. The BEST web series hands down. And Sebastian and boys are hot, Hot, HOT!!!

  4. bravo says

    Somehow missed this 7 years ago, but it was just recommended to me on the bottom of my screen. Also, I might want to read about some Czech gay hockey players from the late 00s.