Are You Ready for Some ‘Hustling’? — VIDEO


Those of you looking to get hooked on a new web series might want to check out Hustling. The steamy series from director, producer and actor Sebastian La Cause launches its third season today.

Hustling's cast includes Gerald McCullouch, Kevin Spirtas, Sharon Washington, Mara Davi, Robert Montano, Jessica Press, Andrew Glaszek  and Stephen Guarino.

Broadway World offers a synopsis:

Hustling follows Ryan Crosby (La Cause) a male escort/adult film star who hits forty and realizes his life is not what he envisioned. He struggles with how to initiate change and uncovers a passion for cooking. With some Tough Love from his land lady (Rubin-Vega) and the help of a chef (McCullouch) who teaches him the ins and outs of fine cuisine, Crosby is set off on the path to transformation - which is filled with sex romps, peculiar situations and constant reminders of the world he's trying to leave behind. The series explores how using sex as a transaction can create a false sense of control that once gone will leave you hustling to pick up the pieces and how in the end we are all struggling to live better lives.

Watch the third season preview, AFTER THE JUMP...


Said La Cause, who is releasing the first four segments today:

"I want viewers to be able to take part in the new trend in television...binge watching. People love to hunker down and watch several episodes of their favorite shows in one sitting. Gone are the days of watching content in real time and gone are the days of waiting each week for a new episode - or should I say, those days are numbered. I wanted to be one of the first independently produced, low-budget series to do that."

Watch the third season preview, AFTER THE JUMP...

And catch Hustling on its YouTube channel or website.