Michigan Man Murdered by Group He Met Through Grindr


A 71-year-old Ann Arbor, Michigan was robbed and murdered by three homeless men, one of whom he met on the social hook-up app Grindr, MLive reports:

MaurerNineteen-year-old Richard Thompson, of Flat Rock, told police that when he was signaled by 20-year-old Rikky Ranger and 19-year-old Mark Paling, he got David Maurer in a chokehold while the two other men went through the Lurie Terrace apartment and stole a gun, computer, cash and credit cards, according to transcripts of a Dec. 15 probable cause hearing obtained by The Ann Arbor News Wednesday…

…Stanford detailed for the magistrate how Ranger met Maurer on the gay hook-up website, Grindr, how the three suspects came to Ann Arbor from the Downriver area to drink, smoke marijuana and engage in sexual activity with Maurer that night only to leave the 71-year-old face down dead in his own couch.

The three suspects, who identified themselves as homeless to Stanford, used Maurer’s credit cards and cash in the ensuing days for necessities.

Maurer had been dead for several days before his body was found on December 1. For several days there was thought to be no foul play involved, but the manager reviewing tapes of the Lurie Terrace apartment complex spotted the three men entering it with Maurer.


  1. EchtKultig says

    Horrible, but I daresay it’s not unexpected for something like this to happen. Did he really think 3 20-somethings were hot to trot for a random 70 year-old who lives in a working class senior housing complex? “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Not that they are anything to write home about anyhow. Sheesh gramps, just blow your last wad (no pun intended) on a trip to Amsterdam to get a legal male prostitute.

  2. My Heart Hurts says

    One life ended and three more utterly destroyed.

    And, WE get to pay the financial tab for decades.

    Is it just me, or does everything about the way we handle joblessness, homelessness and crime seem insane, evil, corrupt and unsustainable ?

  3. Paul R says

    Even at 41 I wouldn’t begin to think about letting 3 homeless strangers half my age into my home to get drunk and high, then think it was going to work out well.

  4. andrew says

    Its a sad but not unique story. Old gay men hooking up with dangerous young guys for sex. In my neighborhood I have often seen old gray haired men meeting up with young hustlers on the street and going off with them. Almost all of the hustlers are drug addicts and they have sex with these old men to get money for drugs. I have heard of a few cases where old guys have been mugged and robbed. I haven’t heard of any murders yet.

  5. greg says

    71 years old and on Grindr.. Please tell me it doesn’t come to that.. Ugh. This poor man had to be lonely as hell. Such sad ending.

  6. Henry Holland says

    But…but…..Grindr helps you find men that you can discuss Descartes’ philosophy and the novels of Dostoevsky and whether Beethoven or Mozart was a better composer, the CEO told me so!


  7. William says

    Sad for the victim, but not surprised he’s a 71 year old. After all, he did fall for and get murdered by three of the ugliest young guys Michigan has to offer (judging by the pic posted). Those guys need to fry.

  8. ratbastard says

    Grandpa was into authentic rough trade. No shock or surprises here.


    Strange guys of any age, especially homeless, coming over to your place to “party” is kinda asking for it.

  9. stevetalbert says

    Phone apps don’t kill people. At least he wasn’t found with an onyx dildo like sal mineo. It’s called rough for a reason.

  10. Kissyfur says

    He was tech savvy. Same could have occurred picking up a guy in a bar. He obviously likes the “straight” unavailable type. I don’t think that means he was lonely and depressed. It just means he likes rough trade. It’s a type for a reason.

  11. andrew says

    STEVENTALBERT: You are misinformed about the death of Sal Mineo. He wasn’t found with a “onyx dildo.” Nor was his murder the result of any homosexual rough trade encounter. Sal was stabbed to death in the alley behind his apartment building by Lionel Williams, when he was returning home from a rehearsal. It was a robbery attempt in which Sal was stabbed once right in the heart. Lionel was thought to have been responsible for a string of robberies in the LA area. It was believed that he was also responsible for the death of a woman in a robbery but was never charged with that crime. He was convicted in the Mineo case and sentenced to 50+ years.

  12. danswon says

    Those 3 murderers look like they came from the bottom of the gene pool. Seriously, who would hook up with guys that ugly? The guy that got killed is better looking than all of them and he’s 71!

  13. ReHashed Crap says

    @Greg – Really? Hate to tell you this but many gay men end up alone. why, because gay men are far more fickle than women and want perfection instead of substance. That being said, the three of those guys put together look like they couldn’t spell STUPID!

  14. bandanajack says

    thank you albert for setting the record straight on sal mineo. the sleazy press was particularly vicious with him, because there was no one to speak up for him. one of the few people alive who could, don johnson has remained silent about his relationship with mineo all these years. i wish he would get it on paper before he croaks too. mineo took him off the streets and got him started acting.

  15. Lars says

    The man was held in a chokehold, so he must have had marks on him, no? And yet the authorities initially suspected no foul play?? I’m glad they eventually got the murdering P.O.S., but this does not speak well to the intuition of the police.

    I’m going to file this story under ‘More Reasons I’m Not on Grindr.’

    While I’m doing that, let’s all take a moment to thank Joel Simkhai for really encouraging our community to work on our hygiene and generally be less disgusting. Good on you, Joel!

  16. rocko says

    Sad event..and also sad..3 ‘homeless’ men with a pad or cell phone in which they can connect to grinder?? Seriously..does homeless even mean what it implies anymore?
    I have purchased foreclosed homes..and a couple things that keep occurring when I go through the homes are that most of these people have full cable, multiple televisions, smart phones, and actually quite nice cars..but yet no one can pay for the house..

  17. anon says

    Oh, these three are “winners” and they probably thought the whole plan was a “great” idea and “easy”. At least now they won’t be homeless.

  18. tominsf says

    Several people here are blaming the victim? WTF!!!??? He used bad judgement and therefore it’s ok for him to be murdered? It’s justified? You guys need to turn in your rainbow cards…

  19. stevetalbert says

    ANDREW: Thanks, I was thinking about Ramon Navarro. But in searching to make sure, it turns out the onyx part is an old queens tale. He was bludgeoned by the rough trade a silver cane. He had a lead phallis. It was rumored to be a gift from Valentino, maybe molded from himself,, and I guess the onyx came in because who WOULDN’T want to embellish that? The phallis wasn’t related to his death. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Instead of cruising Sunset Blvd, Santa Monica, or the Will Rodgers Beach in the 1950s or 60s you get Grindr in 2013.

  20. SpaceCadet says

    I’ve used Grindr to hook up BUT I’ve actually given the guy’s photo and phone number to a friend should something mysteriously happen to me. That or I’ll meet them out in public first so there are witnesses. Smart, huh?

  21. jamal49 says

    OK. So, who are the fools who are still using Grndr? I feel badly for that poor man but how could he have not known that trolling for sex on Grndr is a dangerous thing?

  22. SpaceCadet says

    Thousands of guys use Grindr and similar apps. No matter what city I travel to or small town I’m driving through, lots and lots of guys. All ages, gay, bi, straight and curious, on the down low, married even. It’s especially popular with the younger crowd. And a lot have profiles on the regular gay hook-up and dating websites like manhunt or a4a.

  23. Paul R says

    Most homeless people I’ve known have smartphones and/or laptops. Electronics are easily stolen, then traded for money or drugs at a much lower cost than you or I would pay in a store. Given that half of homeless people are addicts, most learn to be resourceful.

    That said, these three look like morons, and using a stolen credit card for more than a day or two proves it. They’ve likely been awake for way too long.

  24. Sam says

    This is absolutely frightening. A cautionary tale of thinking twice on ANY social media meet-up site. Be safe all!

  25. Rob says

    Sobering that even if he had met them in public, like I usually do, they would likely have seduced him and ended up back at his place. I hope he had lots of fun hookups before the one that went bad, and lived his life as a full sexual person. (Full meant in all ways.)

    Here’s hoping his death by choking was an accident and that they intended to rob, not kill. And that their notoriety earns them much unwanted attention from lonelier, bigger cellmates.