Sam Champion Heading to ‘The Weather Channel’

Sam Champion is leaving ABC's Good Morning America, where he has been for seven years, to be the new on-air face of The Weather Channel according to ABC News President Ben Sherwood, posted by Mediaite:

ChampionSam has broadcast live from a raft floating between polar icebergs, danced the salsa on “Despierta America” and interviewed countless newsmakers, celebrities and chefs. On his show “Sea Rescue,” viewers have shared Sam’s passion for marine animal rescue, rehabilitation and release.

While there is no replacing Sam, we are in excellent hands with his storm chasing partner of the last few years, meteorologist Ginger Zee, who will take over his weather responsibilities at GMA and across ABC News. As you know, Ginger always rushes straight toward the eye of any storm and weaves cutting-edge science with human emotion to elevate our coverage.

GMA will celebrate Sam’s last day on Wednesday’s program. While he is leaving ABC News, he will always be a part of our family.

Champion tweeted:

"Only an amazing opportunity like this at @weatherchannel cld take me away from my @ABC family of 25 yrs and @GMA #blessedlife"


  1. Fahd says

    Maybe Sam was too openly gay for GMA’s mainstream bible belt audience. Sam’s demotion is really demoralizing. Who watches the Weather Channel?

    The interaction of Sam and the rest of the GMA group has been a main reason for my watching the show. I watched today wondering where Sam was and now this news. Ugh!

  2. TANK says

    Well, Tank is not one to indulge in schadenfreude, but it’s hard for me to feel sorry for this guy for getting demoted, and a demotion it is, naysayers to the contrary. I just wish he would have had the guts and self-respect to have come out of the closet when it would have mattered. If he comes out now, it will just be seen as a desperate PR move by an aging, clueless has-been. Sorry if this sounds harsh, guys, but Tank has to keep it real!

  3. BETTY says

    A demotion??? HE left on his own. He wasn’t fired! No one forced him to take a job at ANOTHER company. They are obviously going to pay him well and must have been courting him,, I don’t think he did it for a pay cut! Don’t forget Al Roker is on the Weather Channel too so they are obviously building a higher profile brand there. It is owned by NBC/Universal after all not some mom and pop shop. Gee, you gals get your panties in a bunch over the stupidest things!

  4. Speedieg says

    Weather Channel is owned by NBC Universal, this is not a demotion. He will now be seen on every cable channel and National NBC broadcast channel during major weather events.

  5. Mitch says

    Wow, Mitch, I could have posted your comment! Did you read my mind? Are you my twin?

    I’ve long wondered why the notable morning weathercasters – Sam, Al, Williard Scott – are such buffoons. Maybe this is the beginning of GMA pulling back from becoming the TMZ of morning programs.

  6. BETTY says

    To DAN and TANK who know everything! From CNN:

    “ABC executives wanted to keep Champion and made what one person familiar with the negotiations called “a generous offer” to stay….But that offer was ultimately trumped by one from the Weather Channel, which could give him something ABC couldn’t — a management role and a morning show of his own.”

    “The addition of Champion is a coup for the Weather Channel, which recently gave itself a facelift and is intent on adding new programming for weather aficionados.”

    He will also be a managing editor at The Weather Channel. You BLOWHARDS know nothing!

  7. doozer says

    Ok…so let’s be real about this. I don’t care if Sam is gay or not. But let’s face it, if there isn’t a “severe weather event” happening outside your window and you watch the weather channel for more than 5 min…You need to get a life! As for the statement that he’s “anchoring” a weather channel morning show…ummm, who cares??? And while some will say that 24-hour news and sports channels prove that there is an audience for such things…unless they figure out a reason for having cheerleaders on the sidelines of tornado alley…I’m not watching…and probably not even if they have cheerleaders. It’s a HUGE demotion no matter how this is “spun”. JMO

  8. MATTPAUL says

    Why let facts get in the way of a good put down, huh Tank? “Tank has to keep it real”…how about keeping Tank informed and in reality? Sam came out a while ago and is married. It was in the news. You would know that Rick, I mean Tank, if your life wasn’t devoted to spreading your bitter comments on websites.

  9. joe says

    Everyone step back and open up your eyes. I am reading all these comments about the weather channel being obsolete, and Sams’ move being a demotion, and he left because bible belt america can’t handle him being gay. All irrelevant, ridiculous comments. First of all, Look at the ratings of the weather channel, always very high, who watches it? just about everyone who has to travel to work and doesn’t have time to sit and watch a morning show. Secondly, You don’t think he’s leaving a 25 year career on a major network to take less money do you? Anyone with any common sense knows they had to offer him a very, very, lucrative deal. and on top of that, He is not just going to be a weather reporter, They are making him program director, so he is running the whole works. This is a good move for him all the way around.

  10. joe says

    My apologies, I need to correct myself. Sam will not be program director as i stated in my previous comment, but instead, will be managing editor. Thanks Betty for the clarifiation.

  11. markiejoe says

    Sounds fishy to me. Hard to believe that Champion could be making anywhere near the money at The Weather Channel (in ANY capacity) that he was raking in on the network GMA program. And his visibility now at TWC will be nil in comparison. Nope, something else is going on here.

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