1. Mike Ryan says

    Now this really makes me proud. As a former Apple employee it was wonderful to see this gay man step into the position as head of the largest most profitable company in America. I still marvel at all that Apple does. ENDA must be passed, it must become law to protect all gay people who are never promoted, often not hired and fired at the whim of a homophobic boss. We need to pass ENDA this coming year.

  2. crispy says

    No doubt the hysterical MaryMs of this site are going to start squealing that Tim Cook is a closet case.

    But keep in mind that giving a speech like this at Auburn University is incredibly brave. I’m surprised he wasn’t dragged behind a pickup truck down Magnolia Avenue.

  3. Paul R says

    Crispy, I think that he’s the most visible out man in US business. Good speech, but I’m fairly sure they knew he’s gay.

  4. dizzyspins says

    1. I don’t believe he’s out. Not that he’s required by law to be out, but he hasn’t addressed his sexuality in public. That’s his right and I respect it, since he’s on the right side of the issue. But I do think one of the most powerful CEOs in the world being more diret about their indetity would be a good thing. ESPECIALLY if he’s gonna talk about LGBT rights.

    2. THis was a nice statement we can all agree on, but it has no usable value and is in NO way brave.

  5. crispy says

    Oh, I agree. But for the intellectually challenged, unless someone appears on the cover of TIME magazine with a “Yep, I’m Gay” headline, they are closeted.

  6. Mike says

    Everyone with an oz. of sense knows it already! So why doesn’t he just announced it? He owes it to himself, Apple and America! Doubt very much if there would be any change in Apple stock. However if there was it would DEFINITELY be a positive surge . . .

  7. Rick says

    Well, if he really is gay, his endorsement of ENDA in this instance would have been a perfect opportunity for him to come out, since it would have fit naturally into the speech. After speaking about the need for ENDA, he could have said something along the lines of……”I know, because I am gay myself and, as lucky as I have been to get to the position I am, I know that there are lots of others who have been denied opportunities because of their sexual orientation.”

    But he didn’t, instead just choosing to throw ENDA and gay rights in with the usual laundry list of the Liberal Elite–eliminating “racism”, encouraging illegal immigration and rewarding those who break the law to come here, etc.

    On another level, though, every time I see this guy, I marvel at how in the world a gay white male from a small town in Alabama could possibly have won all the social and political battles that anybody has to win to become the CEO of one of the world’s most prominent companies. So many strikes against him–being gay (which is almost impossible to hide once you get to a certain level), being a white male at a time when it is not the fashionable thing to be, being a white Southerner (and apparently unapologetic about it) in a region of the country where white Southerners are regarded as a bunch of stupid, ignorant rednecks.

    What kind of divine intervention had to take place for him to win out over the thousands and thousands of people who would like to be in his shoes–and did not have all the disadvantages he had?…….and why did it happen to him instead of to the many thousands of other gay men whose potential is never realized because the crushing power of homophobia has destroyed their careers.

    Great mysteries of the universe…..which cause one to think that life really is about fate and there is little any of us can do to control ours…..

  8. Grifter the movie says

    Rick, you’re crazier than cat sh’t. You wish Hitler was in power, don’t you? Come on out with it.

  9. Thomas Cardellino says

    While I applaud the point upon the path that Apple finds itself on “the long arc of history” that bends towards justice, does Apple & Mr. Fox outside of the USA act upon these same sentiments? Are these the values behind the numerous reports of poor working conditions and exorbitant rates of suicide in Foxconn factories in Taiwan, China, Brazil, Malaysia, etc. for example? Foxconn makes Apple’s iPads, iPhones, and iPods, as well as other electronics for other electronic companies. Are those workers treated “equally” and with human dignity?

  10. Thomasina says

    @Crispy: You said: “giving a speech like this at Auburn University is incredibly brave.” He gave this speech on the East side of Manhattan, not in Lee County, Alabama.

  11. FFS says

    Lovely sentiments. Of course, they’d mean more coming from somebody who didn’t run a major corporation that operates on the business model “There’s nobody we won’t screw over.”

    Oh, Rick. Dear heart. Your being a white male isn’t what’s unfashionable. Your being a dill-hole is.

  12. nola fred says

    @crispy: That speech wasn’t at Auburn.

    Auburn University’s College of Human Sciences honored Tim Cook and Howard G. Buffett at the annual International Quality of Life Awards on Tuesday, Dec. 10 in New York City.

  13. andrew says

    On Nov 7th the U.S.Senate under Democratic leadership passed ENDA by a vote of 64-32. All 32 no votes were our usual enemies: conservative Republicans. John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House, has said he will not bring it to the House floor for a vote. Most House observers say that if it was brought to the floor for a vote it would probably pass. Almost all the Democrats would vote for it and a couple dozen moderate Republicans (there are no liberal Republicans left in the Congress) would join them. Once again we see conservative Republicans standing in the way of equality for LGBT Americans. Remember that on election day and vote Democrat because your equality as an American is at stake.

  14. crispy says

    “He gave this speech on the East side of Manhattan, not in Lee County, Alabama.”

    “@crispy: That speech wasn’t at Auburn.”

    Wow. Thanks for the clarification. You’d think the writer of this post would’ve mentioned that!

  15. Randy says

    ENDA, yes, but not this ENDA, which seeks to cement our rights firmly beneath those of those of the religious, where religious people (corporations are people, with religions) can hire and fire even in the case of jobs that have nothing to do with religion, based on LGBT status. This is dangerous not only for us, but for any group targeted by the religious, as it sets religion as a right above other rights.

    ENDA is non a non-discrimination act. It’s a “these people CAN discriminate” act, and must not be passed.

  16. Jay says

    Wonder how many Alabama congressmen are going to be voting for ENDA. Or when Alabama’s legislature will pass their own ENDA.

  17. Jay says

    Also wonder why the event was held in New York. They couldn’t get Cook and Buffet to set foot in Alabama?

  18. Rich says

    Crisp and Jay, I and my partner of 22 years are graduates of Auburn University and we have a ton of gay friends that are alums as well.

    What makes you think Auburn would drag him down Magnolia?

  19. JackFknTwist says

    @ RANDY:
    Yes, that’s the exact point, what the f**k good is passing ENDA if there are exceptions for religious institutions to discriminate against teachers, etc. on the basis of sexual orientation ?
    This Bill gives special privileges to the religious bodies and must not be passed in this bigoted form.
    It will work against us.

  20. crispy says

    Rich, I graduated from Auburn as well… and apparently more recently than you.

    While I was a student there, the gay & lesbian student organization was denied its charter by the conservative student government, there were numerous anti-gay protests held on campus that were covered by CNN, my roommate (who was dumb enough to join a frat) received multiple threatening phone calls when word went around that he was gay, and my good friend Steve was fired at from a dorm room by a student with a rifle. The overall climate toward gays and lesbians in Auburn is hostile.

    Do they still hold the Old South Parade each year?

  21. ChristopherM says

    Of the CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies in this country, 6 are black, 8 are Latino, 8 are Asian, and 478 are white. Take your medication Rick, you stupid b!tch.

  22. andrew says

    The ENDA passed by the Senate is an outstanding bill. It will protect the vast majority of LGBT people from employment discrimination. The exception for Religious Institutions is a reasonable one. All Religions have a body of dogmas, rules and regulations that it’s members and employees must abide by. If you don’t believe in the teachings of a particular Religion, don’t seek employment with them. I am not a believer in any Religion. However, I do believe that, for example, if the Catholic Church is paying you to teach in their school, they have a right to fire you, if you publically go against their teachings. If you don’t agree with me on that then just look at the politics. No ENDA without the Religious exception would have the slightest chance of passing. Thus the over 95% of the people covered by this ENDA would continue unprotected.