1. Jon says

    There is very little that’s historical about this film. Why, even the fact that they have a woman playing the role of a warrior? That wouldn’t have happened in those cultures in that time in history. Too much Hollywood being pushed into real history. I guess REAL history isn’t exciting enough for us. Typical.

  2. TampaZeke says

    Yeah, because men before the Common Era regularly shaved their chests.

    They would all look better with hairy chests. If I were attracted to chests/bodies with no hair I would date women.

  3. OddBet says

    Actually, Jon, Artemisia was very real, and was a prominent commander in the Persian navy. She advised Xerxes to ignore the gathering Greek fleet at Salamis and instead attack the cities in the isthmus directly to break up the unified force. He ignored her, and paid the price for it. At the Battle of Salamis, she outperformed any of the other Persian commanders, earning the comment from Xerxes “All of my men have become women, and my women have become men.”

    But the historicity of this movie will almost certainly be awful.

  4. Kevin says

    In fact, Artimesia’s role in the battle of Salamis is detailed in Herodotus’ Histories.

    She was an advisor to Xerxes who warned against his war with Greek forces. (She was from Caria, a Greek city-state in Ionia, today’s Anatolia). He ignored her, to his later regret.

    She commanded a fleet of ships and, through a treacherous strategem, survived the sea battle with glory.

    Xerxes is said to have commented, “My men have become women and my women, men.”

  5. Percy says

    “My men have become women and my women, men.”

    …I always thought that quote was Madonna refereeing to her backup dancers?

  6. Jonnycakes says

    Blame Phidias for the lack of body hair. It seems he wasn’t into it when it came to sculpting Greek heroes.

  7. David From Canada says

    Saw the original 300 movie. Must see this new homoerotic 300 movie as well.
    Eva Green is quite fierce and formidable. Saw her in “Dark Shadows”. You’d have to be on your toes around her! She’s the icing around the man-cake in this movie.

  8. jarago says

    The original film was both extremely homoerotic and homophobic at the same time- this looks like more of the same.

  9. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    I can’t believe Towleroad is helping hype this movie, after the racist, homophobic, eugenics-promoting crap of the first one. I will not see it. The first movie made me ill with its diseased attitudes, and I refuse to even consider the possibility that I’d be so shallow as to think looking at CGI-generated abs is more important than simple human decency. Shameful.

  10. jamal49 says

    Um, it’s a film. Who cares about historicity? Just entertain me. I enjoyed the first “300”. I will enjoy the second “300” (one at at time, of course).