1. Jack M says

    Yes, having a baby that was diagnosed with cancer usually leads to people assaulting, battering and impersonating a police officer. Happens all the time.

    And he’s a “pastor?” Right.

  2. Tyler says

    “It is suspected that some motivation for Abromovich’s bizarre criminal behavior may be due in part to the sudden stress of a new baby in the family combined with being diagnosed with cancer last fall.”

    Your intentions are in the right place, but when you use language like this you give tacit validation to the fact that personal hardships justify the actions. Frankly, i don’t care how hard life is, you don’t get to use it as an excuse, or reason, to act out in this way.

  3. SpaceCadet says

    Jack M, I think you read the sentence wrong. This man that is the focus of this article was diagnosed with cancer in addition to the newborn baby in his family. Not that any of that excuses what he’s done. What kind of pastor engages in blatantly criminal activity like that. He’s obviously disturbed and having some kind of mental breakdown.

  4. JmasTR says

    He has a very interesting looking group of friends.
    You are free to interpret interesting however you like.

  5. Derek Washington says

    Who doesn’t kidnap, assault and rob someone they meet on a craigslist gay sex ad when they have the mean reds? Gosh, give the guy a break. Plus the other dude was gay. He totally had it coming.

  6. Ernest1960 says

    JMASTR: Please elaborate on “interesting.” Tattoos? People that don’t look like you? Just curious.

  7. JackFknTwist says

    Please please please tell me that this Pastor specialised in ‘ex-gay reparative therapy/counselling’.

    That would just make my day.
    Or that he had a baby and was a committee member of the Tony Perkins Marriage Circus.

  8. jakeinlove says

    So glad that I don’t live in that freak-ville city anymore. Although Phoenix isn’t much of an improvement.

  9. j says

    how about a little reporting here on exactly what makes this dude a pastor –
    what are his credentials
    did he get one of those box top mail order things – seems likely
    a shame that legit pastors – folks who went to divinity school for example are lumped together with schmucks like this who probably would have a hard time spelling the word bible

  10. NY2.0 says

    What kind of pastor has tattoos all up on his neck? Forget this pastor for a moment and spare a thought for the type of people that would be in his congregation. Is this some comedy skit?

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL @ “Forget this pastor for a moment and spare a thought for the type of people that would be in his congregation”

    Probably “The Hills Have Eyes” types of folks. LOL

  12. disagree says

    @ JARAGO
    Please do not disparage the Church of Satan. You obviously hardly know a thing about them to make such a comment. Try reading part II, The Book of Lucifer, from the Satanic Bible. Your comment is misplaced.