1. David says

    I liked it.
    I liked that it started off with the main character cruising in BV park and that there was not one shot of the Golden Gate bridge or a cable car.
    It gives me hope.

  2. Perry says

    Yet another gay show showing gay men obsessed with sex: a couple that is of course not into monogamy, guys going to a park to do really gross hooking up, a 40 year still thinking he is 20 something. It was a total yawn.

  3. SLH says

    I watched the first 3 minutes. Funny how this blog is posting comments made by people calling gays ‘perverts’ yet this show is celebrated and within the first 3 minutes says being a ‘pervert’ is something to be proud of. How does this make sense?

  4. crispy says

    “Yet another gay show showing gay men obsessed with sex:”

    Yet another person who didn’t actually watch the show.

  5. crispy says

    Oh, I see… you saw it but you didn’t actually understand the show because you are intellectually challenged.

  6. Perry says

    And how the hell tells someone on a first date that they went to the park for a sleazy hookup? No one wonder you are single. What a dumbass.

  7. johnny says

    Gee wilikers!

    Mix-n-match homos, instant 3-ways, sleazy bus pick-ups, park sex, lots of dope smoking, drinking and one over-40 dude who can’t take being turned down so calls his ex-lover.

    Yup, those are some really evolved stereotypes. We’ve come a long way, baby.

  8. leprechaunvict says

    The comments under the youtube vid are hilarious. What the hell happened to young men with testosterone? Not in Looking I mean (those characters actually have some.) I mean the commenters are all concerned with straight approval and so worried that this show is showing gays as not-respectable. I guess the gay guys who are actual red-blooded males are out there getting laid and not concern-trolling on the internet…

  9. JMC says

    I’d been anticipating this since the show was first announced to be in production and I was so let down last night. It was so boring and pointless and none of the main characters were at all interesting or dynamic.. like I don’t even understand why it’s a show other than that they’re all gay? It just left no impression on me at all.

    I’ll watch for a few more weeks and hope things improve but I’m worried this is going to end up being the Elektra/Catwoman of gay TV shows because all of my friends who watched it felt the same was as I did about it.

  10. crispy says

    Oh, Johnny. The only stereotype here is you, the angry self-hating homo.

    Mix-n-match homos… huh? The main cast had quite diverse careers, personalities, and looks.
    instant 3-ways… that was clearly foreshadowed as posing a problem for their relationship.
    sleazy bus pick-ups… meeting someone is a pickup?
    park sex… there was no sex. They were joking about how gay men used to find sex.
    lots of dope smoking… you mean that thing the president just said is no big deal?
    drinking… OMG, clutch the pearls!
    one over-40 dude who can’t take being turned down so calls his ex-lover… so a realistic depiction of what getting older is like?

    I’m simply glad that closet-case losers like you are not represented on this show.

  11. JMC says

    I didn’t see anything wrong with the representation on the show. There’s seriously untold hordes of gay men in NYC and San Francisco who look and act just like the boring characters on this show. The only thing that struck me as off was the lack of Asian faces given the city it’s set in.

    The show’s problem is that it is BORING not that it paints gay men in a bad light. It’s an HBO original series about a group of friends in a big city and some of you were expecting sex to not be a central element to the show..? lol

  12. Howard says

    I liked it. I think it set the groundwork for evolving characterizations. Is only half an hour which certainly limits how much characters can be developed in the first episode. Sexiness: 7 of 10

  13. says

    Crispy – i wanna blow you for that comment. CHEERS!

    i dunno. i enjoyed it well enough. i smoke dope and have lots of sex. so therefore i love this show! YAY! a show about things i enjoy doing!

  14. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    It was the gay male version of “GIRLS”, but worse (if that’s possible).

    Still, I’ll watch a few more times. After all, I have to watch something on HBO until “Game of Thrones” returns.

  15. Tatts says

    Meh. I don’t have any intellectual problems with it like some others here, but, meh. I thought it was dull.

  16. Jude says

    Yeah, I thought it was pretty dull, too. The lead character lacks personality and charisma.

    But I’ve got to say I appreciated that the men were hairy (beards, body hair…) even though I like my men smooth or at least a little less hairy than those guys.

  17. RJ says

    @JMC … Lack of Asian faces? What about the Japanese-American co-worker? Or the Asian extras at the bachelor party?

  18. AJ says

    Visually entertaining, hot men. But first episode problems, too many characters introduced with too many stereotypes.

    Will check out the rest to see if it improves, a bit of eye candy if not.

  19. steve says

    Jonathan Groff knows what the hell he is doing – wow. He was cast well. I like it – I found moments of it charming, as well as so-real-it-hurts (rejection by the doctor) moments. I like it…I think it captures san francisco quite well

  20. Derek says

    The first episode just seemed flat and humorless. The whole premise seems pretty cliché after shows like Queer as Folk or DTLA, but hopefully the second episode will be better. QaF had more depth and humor in the first episode. DTLA was just painfully awful.

    Would agree though that Jonathan Groff is awesome, and that the show captures SF pretty well.

  21. H.J. says

    Can this please, PLEASE, stop? There’s online been ONE episode out. Even if that were to be the best pilot episode ever aired in human history, which it most certainly isn’t, then still it wouldn’t be worth this much coverage. We get that you are excited. Now please get over it.

  22. SpaceCadet says

    I liked it and it shows promise. And yes, you can be attractive like Jonathan Groff and be able to get dates but anything coming from those dates is another thing. After all, his character was clearly uncomfortable during his date. And I’ve been on dates with attractive guys where that wasn’t enough to sustain my interest without more substance there.

  23. Norman says

    Another “gay” show set in San Francisco – sad. Everything was there but nothing happened. The characters had attitude which sunk them as people. The gamer was pitiful on his date – no wonder he got left behind. Too much drinking which is boring – and drama which is boring and pretty insecure boys – which is boring. At least the British version of Queer as Folk had energy. This has none.