1. Jon says

    The host starts out saying “It was such a moving moment.” Ummm…no it wasn’t. It came across as silly and trite, actually. Queen Latifah telling the couples to exchange rings? And then pronouncing them married? There were really no vows, no families present, and you couldn’t see most of the couples. It was a staged-production. It was not “moving.” It was rushed, as they tried to cram it in to the last half of the “Same Love” song. I was shaking my head as I watched it.

  2. SpaceCadet says

    Sorry hater, it was moving. And also inspirational to the millions of gay kids out there that will see this and feel that there is hope and support for their futures.

  3. says

    BAWLED watching it last night, and my mum and dad called me after the performance; both of them in tears as well.

    Millions of young people around the world just saw a massive joyous celebration of love and diversity and equality.

    Only a bitter hater with no love in their own lives would find reason to complain.

  4. Perry says

    It is sad that we are living in a world that people now want to make the most intimate and private moments of their lives a public spectacle. Too many people seeking some form of fame and notoriety.

  5. Sam says

    I’m not a bitter hater with no love, but I sort of agree with the idea it was just too much of a gimmick. I am certainly happy for the couples who are now married. I’m just sorry they had to be part of what appeared to be a poorly put together production for ratings and day after commentary. If people were moved, great. It just didn’t do much for me. I just didn’t think it was very well done. Maybe there’s just been SO MUCH hype over that song and I’m too close to the issue to understand how non-gay viewers may have perceived it. It just felt very contrived. But all the best to the couples who got married. I certainly wouldn’t be upset having Madonna sing at my wedding.

  6. John Freeman says

    I didn’t see the show, only a poor quality video of this sequence, which did not impress me. However, this interview was wonderful and moving. Congratulations to the Gossfields and every other couple who married that day.

  7. Mike Ryan says

    I don’t see it as a gimmick at all. The gimmick at last night’s show was Daft Punk aka R2D2/CP3O. The marriage ceremony was fine – we’re talking 34 couples here – so there couldn’t have been individual vows much less a single vow statement because not every couple would agree to that. I was absolutely choked up. I was dismayed that the ceremony wasn’t conducted by NPH instead of the “am I or aren’t I” Latifa and disgusted by Madonna and her one-act cane. I loved the Carol King/Sara Bareilles medley and it was an honor to see/hear McCartney and Ringo and Willie and Kristofferson. I lost it when the camera panned to Keith Urban and the guy was crying. It was all very moving and amazing.

  8. Mike Ryan says

    BTW, correct me if I’m wrong here but I didn’t see one couple kissing and that was a big omission from the show. Apparently CBS is too afraid to show something like two men or women kissing or even a heterosexual couple kissing. Grow up CBS.

  9. KC says

    I don’t think I would want my marriage to be at the Grammys, but this was HUGE. And very moving. Hats off to Macklemore and Lewis, and all others involved, for making this happen. Marriage equality – for ALL – just moved a step closer to truly being what it needs to be – One Love.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    Umm…the idea was to make a statement about marriage equality to maybe a billion people. It wasn’t about intimacy.

    Honey, there are some real b.tches on this blog today .

  11. jason says

    The whole thing was a gimmick. Embarrassing.

    The mass aspect of it was cultist. Shame on any gay person who took part in this stunt. You should be ashamed to call yourself a gay person.

  12. Jersey says

    I thought it was going to be gimmicky too but when I watched it I was very moved. I thought it was actually very beautiful and I imagine the couples who got married had a fantastic experience. After all weddings are about broadcasting your love for each other and commitment to each other for the entire world to see. I now really like the idea and wouldn’t mind having been one of the participants.

  13. jason says

    The whole thing was an embarrassment to the GLBT community. The gay couples were used by Macklemore and by Madonna. Note that they were allowed to be there (in small numbers) and were not even shown to be kissing (which is normal for marriages).

    Used, used, used. Do gay people enjoy being used so much? Is it because we like the punishment?

    Epic fail on the part of the gay couples and epic fail on the part of Towleroad for failing to criticize the gimmicky nature of the mass wedding.

  14. crispy says

    “The whole thing was an embarrassment to the GLBT community.”

    Blah blah blah. First of all, you’re constantly whining that the T is even included amongst L, G and B. Your lack of consistency proves how big of a concern troll you are.

    Secondly, don’t presume to speak for the LBGT community. I’m not convinced you are gay. Rather, I suspect you’re just Maggie Gallagher rotating through a bumper crop of Krispy Kremes and common male screen names.

  15. Tyler says

    Jason, Sam and Jon are just aliases the same bitter troll who hates himself so much that he has to criticize any and all public demonstrations of homosexual affection. These kind of marriages draw his scorn because he knows he’ll never get to be a part of one, or even invited to any weddings. Poor, sad troll.

  16. Ron says

    How freakin’ cute are these two?! With marriage equality lawsuits winding their way through the courts in the reddest of red states, the timing for this seminal moment in TV history couldn’t have been better! Congrats to ALL of the happy couples and kudos to The Grammys and celebrities who took part in the ceremony!

  17. SpaceCadet says

    Another gay couple was interviewed on CNN today, the attractive couple whose photo was featured on the previous Towleroad article. They were certainly in love and it wasn’t a sham marriage. They just moved up the date so they could be a part of this historic experience.

  18. NwYrker says

    This was fantastic. Was not a gimmick, it was moving and it’s purpose was to make a very powerful statement to an enormous audience and they succeeded. Keith Urban in tears at the end of the number was just incredible.

  19. Kim says

    Many of the couples were in tears so they were moved by the ceremony and they know their connection with each other,their joining together as one is the most important thing.

  20. Sam says

    To be clear, Sam is not a troll. My name is Sam and I use the same name every time I comment here. I don’t usually troll on here or have disparaging things to say about the LGB or T community. So please, do not group me in with others. And I do not really think my ONE comment here was trolling either. I said it wasn’t for me, I wasn’t that moved and I thought it was a gimmick for the producers of the Grammys. I noted that I hoped the couples are happy and wish them well and I am sure it was very real for them. I just thought it was a poorly executed gimmick. I’m not sure how not agreeing with every single thing someone comes up with as a method to get their message across means you’re a troll, or fat Maggie Gallagher. And do no think for a second your attacking people who don’t agree with you is any different than the trolling you’re accusing others of.

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