1. MaryM says

    have they indicated how they intend to protest the fascist persecution of millions of LGBT Russians while in Sochi.

    If not then they are collaborator scum who deserve to lose.

    These athletes need to understand that their ability to win a medal is irrelevant compared to the human rights abuses of millions of LGBT Russians.

    These guys are talented – pity I won’t see them perform as naturally I won’t be watching the Games.

  2. Perry says

    He has lots of talent, but he doesn’t have a quad jump yet. He isn’t a contender for a medal or even a top 5 finish (unless many other guys have poor performances). Hopefully he will have the quad jump by 2018 games.

  3. John says

    Never heard of him until now. He seems like a sweet kid having fun out there, incredibly graceful and quick. It makes me sad the winter Olympics will be in Sochi.

  4. Myackie says

    @Marym: do you care about all the human rights abuses in arab countries, too? Based on your past postings…I doubt you give a crap.

  5. DALI says


    Why would you call this guy “collaborator scum” when he has worked so hard 2/3 of his life perfecting this wonderful art?

    What have YOU done 2/3 of your life? Enlighten us please.

  6. Mark says

    @ Mary M
    I understand, on one level, your emotions regarding Sochi.I struggled with the boycott concept. But I will not boycott the Olympics. The athletes who have been giving their all for this opportunity did not select Sochi, nor did they create the political situation in Russia. And trust me, there are gay athletes going to Sochi. Why would I want to boycott them? What we need is a STRONG PRESENCE in Russia, and strong support for our athletes, gay and straight,to let the Russians know that the Olympics is bigger than they are. I can not crush the dreams and hard work of our citizens so I can personally feel good about making an empty statement by boycotting the games.I support President Obama’s decision to send a delegation with openly gay members. The President’s actions speak volumes. The best way to kick Russia’s ass is to send incredible athletes and beat the hell out of theirs!!

  7. Eric says

    “Very unique” is a pointless phrase. Something is either unique or it isn’t. Unique can’t be qualified.
    That said, the dude is very talented. Great performance.

  8. Maria says

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  9. Sam says

    He beat Max Aaron who successfully landed a quad in his routine and had a pretty clean performance. Evan Lysecek won a gold medal in Vancouver and he did not land a quad. Yet Plushenko did.

    You have no idea what you are talking about.

  10. Truthiness says

    I have no intention of watching these corporate money making games at the cost of every gay suffering in Russia.

    I don’t care if he skates like Papa Smurf in the ice-capades, I have no intention of watching anything Olympics.

  11. Ryan says

    I’m boycotting the Olympics this year, but it was great to be able to watch him here.

    He has some of the artistry of Weir… and, at least as of yet, none of the poisonous baggage.

  12. rico says

    he was good, and happy that it seems to be career skate, but i dont think it is a gold medal skate

  13. MaryM says

    Seriously. Do the people spouting that tired old trope about these athletes working all their lives to win a medal actually believe that the ability of a small number of people to win a medal for being good at sport, think that their opportunity trumps the human rights of millions. Because that’s what I am hearing.

    I believe the human rights of millions is more important.

    By the way the Hatelympics are not being held in an Arab country so why is that red herring being brought up?

  14. Sam says

    I don’t know Mary. The historical significance of Jesse Owens winning four gold medals at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin during the height of the Nazi regime seems a pretty poignant example of how going to the Olympics can send a stronger message than boycotting it.

  15. SpaceCadet says

    I will be watching the Olympics and supporting our talented athletes, gay and straight – they don’t set the policies and laws in Russia. If anything, gay athletes simply being out and proud while performing there is a powerful statement in itself but I wouldn’t be surprised to see other forms of protest as well.

  16. johnny says

    Very talented guy… but why are the skating outfits always so horrifyingly tacky? Is that something the judges actually like???

  17. Jeremy says

    You can disagree with a war but still support the soldiers who are fighting it. You can disagree with the IOC’s choice for an Olympic location while still supporting athletes who have trained for most of their lives to compete there. Until anyone on this thread has trained for 15 years to do something and then be asked to not do it as political protest for a choice they had no control over, people should temper their opinions on this.

  18. cameoutinthe80s says

    SO good I had to watch it twice! Always nice to see someone have a great performance after all the effort. Good luck in (sadly) Sochi!!

  19. FFS says

    He’s a good skater. I wonder how many gay Russians will be harassed, beaten or murdered while he’s on the ice in Sochi?

  20. richard says

    I wish he wouldn’t go to Sochi. Our attempt at a boycott was an abysmal failure. Our allies failed us badly. As far as I’m concerned, any athlete who goes to Sochi is complicit in the murder of gay people.

  21. Randy says

    I’d like to cheer Jason on (not to mention my own country’s team) but I am just not that interested if he (or they) have nothing to say about what’s going on in Russia.

    Young men his own age are having their lives destroyed, and in some cases their lives violently taken. It demands speaking out.

    I would enjoy watching this event during the Olympics, but I just feel nauseous about the idea of celebrating without even addressing what’s going on.

  22. alex says

    Other than an asterisk in the record books, what was accomplished by the 1980 and 1984 boycotts? But, as Sam notes, 80+ years after it happened, people remember Jesse Owens winning.

    Civil disobedience will happen in Sochi. Gay and lesbian athletes and their allies will make a stand. And, the fact that virtually everyone now carries a phone that has some sort of camera means the world will see what happens.

  23. MaryM says

    Jesse Owens winning medals at the Berlin Games did not stop the Holocaust. So bringing him up is utterly irrelevant. Milllions of people were slaughtered nonetheless and Jesse Owens played his own shameful part in allowing Hitler to promote his crazed ideology in full view of the world.
    This skater is a collaborator and a pig if he does not loudly condemn Russian fascism while at these Games.

    I don’t care how talented he is. I don’t care how long he has trained.

    His ability to win a medal does NOT trump the human rights of millions.

  24. jjose712 says

    MaryM: And he (and a lot of us) don’t care about your opinion.
    You ask him to sacrifice all he was fighting for, and tell me what are you going to sacrifice? Absolutely nothing

  25. andrew says

    @MARYM: You just love to rant and hurl condemnations against others for not doing enough to advance the cause of equality of LGBT people. Take some time and give us a SPECFIC list of the things you have done, and your accomplishments in advancing the cause of LGBT equality. Don’t be shy. Give us a list of your SPECIFIC accomplishments.

  26. andrew says

    @MARYM: Please share your list of specific accomplishments in advancing the cause of LGBT equality. Those you rant against for doing nothing or not doing enough may benefit from your example. Surely you are not just an old wind bag, who does nothing but condemn others for their lack of actions, while having no list of accomplishments of your own.

  27. dena says

    Wow! Jason you make me so proud to have you represent my country. You are so talented and artistic. I can see you winning a medal for us. Be true to your heart, young man.

  28. Mike says

    Jason Brown rocks!

    And from his interviews, I’m quite certain he is one of us. May gaydar doesn’t lie.

    I understand how awkward the Olympic Games in Sochi are, given Russian anti-gay venom.

    But Jason has a chance of being a Jesse Owens-like character, who will do us proud on the ice. More power to him.