Dmitry Medvedev Calls Russian Anti-Gay Oppression ‘Non-Existent’, Says Nobody Complains: VIDEO


Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev spoke with CNNs Christiane Amanpour this week and was asked about Russia's anti-gay law and human rights abuses.

Medvedev says the complaints about it come from overseas and nobody complains in Russia, so really, the problem doesn't exist:

"Most of them, the commentaries, 95 percent of them or more, are being done from abroad...

...If you mean the situation with the anti-gay propaganda, draft law, law, the so-called untraditional values, I believe that this problem in our country is the concern of the significant part of people. That's the first. Second, I haven't almost heard the – that this law was applied in practice. There are many talks, but no application of the law, practical application. The third, in the difference from many countries where such relations are forbidden, in this country, the relations themselves are not forbidden at all legally. So I believe that this has nothing in common with the real situation in our country, the comments, I mean.

...And the rights of gays as well. I have seen no application in the internet from the Russian sexual minorities where they would write that their rights are violated....But the situation caused some disturbance in other countries. So I believe that this problem is partially non-existent.