Razor Industry: We’re Suffering Because Men are Growing Beards


Beards are killing razor sales, Bloomberg reports:

P&G’s grooming business, which includes shaving cream, razor blades and deodorant, generated $2.12 billion in revenue during the quarter ended Dec. 31 and accounted for 9.5 percent of the company’s sales. Though the division’s sales rose 3 percent, excluding currency effects, John Faucher, an analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co. in New York, said in a Jan. 13 note that sales of non-disposable razors and blades fell 7.8 percent in the 12 weeks through Dec. 21.

The reason: “Increased interest in facial hair,” he said.

So I guess there's one more way to protest P&G's sponsorship of Sochi.


  1. Chuck says

    STOP THE MADNESS!! “Manscaping” is not only a stupid term, it’s a ridiculous and unnatural task. SORRY P&G. But men, at least stop shaving your bodies!!

  2. crispy says

    That’s patently stupid. Anyone who’s actually grown a beard can tell you that it still requires daily maintenance and, yes, razors to keep the neck clean.

  3. andy says

    Chicken or the egg, did beards get popular and men bought less razors or were razors so expensive in a crappy economy that beard grew beard? I would shave if they weren’t so expensive.

  4. anon says

    I’m going to assume that straight men are trying to save money by re-using their blades more than the increase in beards is up. Also, electric grooming items save money over time.

  5. Michael W. says

    I’m glad to here this. Razors are ridiculously expensive for what they are. I started an “every-three-or-four-day” regimen myself last year after a life time of daily shaving.

  6. Discerning says

    I won’t date an unshaven man, let alone one with a beard.

    Tattoos? Don’t even speak to me.

    Piercings? Don’t even look at me.

    Lots of jewelry and a pit bull? Hold on a second while I get my gun.

  7. Knock says

    I’ve had a beard for 7 years now, but even before that I made razors last months and months (instead of 2-3 weeks as they recommend) because they’re so expensive.

  8. rob says

    Also note the awesome companies like Dollarshaveclub.

    I got sick of paying jacked up prices for razors my entire life. Guess these jerks shouldn’t have been so greedy if they wanted to retain their business. Charging 28 dollars for 4 razors is a good reason to fail as a company. Razors that are designed to fail- planned obsolescence.

    Now I pay 7.99 and 4 fresh razors get delivered to me on the same day of every month!

  9. Jack M says

    Dollar Shave Club is awesome, and I am a customer, NOT an advertiser. Six bucks a month for four blades beats buying the clunky and expensive plastic disposables any day!

  10. capetom says

    blades are to much money, i like to shave fells very good smooth, when the price comes down maybe they will sell better, was at publix yesterday and it 17.99 for 4 blades, not going to pay it

  11. Zlick says

    I had no idea razor blades cost so much. And that’s because I’ve been using an electric for my entire adult life. And if blades are that pricey, I can’t see why the solution isn’t a switch to electric. Regardless, since that option is available, I think it’s absurd to consider the price of razor blades as the determining factor in whether to change the entire look of your face.

    More beards are being grown because it’s a fashion that ebbs and flows, just like every other. Alas, it never flows for me as I just can’t grow a proper beard. (Though no sign of baldness at my age is a welcome flip side of that coin.)

  12. Marco says

    I agree with a lot of the guys commenting on how expensive razors are, seriously you need to come up with a budget plan to be able to afford to buy razors to shave. They are ridiculously expensive.

  13. says

    “sales of non-disposable razors and blades fell 7.8 percent”

    Doesn’t the classification of “non-disposable” indicate that the sale cycle of non-disposable razors and blades come in cycles as people need to replace dulled or broken products? Where did John Faucher get his business degree?

  14. Roger P says

    An interest in facial hair is NOT the reason for the decrease in sales…it’s the damn expense for it! Prices for razors, even the disposable ones have skyrocketed. My electric razor died. I decided to watch for the kind of razor I wanted to go on sale. So, I went to buy razor blades for my old razor. I about fainted. The last time I bought them, I think I got 8 of them for 6 dollars and some change. The same blades now were $22! And that was on sale! At that price, I sat down and figured it up… I’d be spending, with tax, about $275 and if I didn’t get them on sale and HAD to buy them at the regular price, I’d be spending over $300 a year. That is just plain ridiculous!
    I waited 8 weeks. My electric that I wanted went on sale. It was $139. It will last me at least 5 years before I need new blades (I have a blade sharpener) and I bought a set now for $20 so I don’t have to pay $40 when the time comes. Then I should get another 2 to 4 years out of the razor after that! If not….I’ll be growing a beard as well.

  15. bravo says

    P&G might get better support from the hairy gay community if they replaced the ampersand with a capital I.

    I love the facial hair trend. I stopped shaving in 2010. With the money I saved on razors, I had my back lasered.

  16. peterparker says

    I feel no sadness or compassion for a company that has been complicit in the depilation of the pubic hair of so many men. Shaved crotches are disgusting. Blech!

  17. says

    I shave everything from the neck down. I HAVE a beard. Oh grooming yourself as in shaving once body or not is perfectly natural. Ps hair is for covering once body for warmth, but we have technology /clothing for keeping use humans warm. So we can shave our whole body now and be properly warm by clothing. My view all men must shave off if not have there hair from the neck down shaven.

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